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Mother Natures Beauty

Updated on June 19, 2020

Lake Tarawera


Rotorua is situated in the heart of the North Island, New Zealand. It has the most magnificent architectural designs of Mother Nature. So much so, that the city has adopted the logo “Feel the spirit”. Of course I am bias, because I was born there.

The many curvaceous mountains are either lofty or small; they surround the city like a protective cloak. The mountains are adorned with a multitude of luscious native flora and fauna, which in their flamboyant display of delicious colour, seem to blend harmoniously with man made structures.

Lake Okareka

Watery Havens of Beauty

Complimentary additions to Rotorua’s’ grand design are the 16 serene lakes that are scattered sporadically in and around Rotorua. The native trees, bush and shrubs line most of the lakes shores, lazily stretching back as far as the eyes can see. Like guardians they umbrella the shores with pure elegance. They also provide a self governing environment for the native birds, animals, and insects that dwell in there midst.

Pohutu Geyser

Geothermal Wonders

More of Nature’s expressions are found in the form of hot mineral springs, boiling mud and spewing geysers. She bestows these so generously to add to Rotorua’s picturesque landscapes, that almost everywhere you look, you can see steam rising in the strangest of places.

The ancient Maori used these hot mineral springs to bathe, cook, or heal. If the springs dried up they sought out another spring to utilize. Different springs were used for different purposes.

When the Europeans arrived they too decided to take advantage of Mother Nature’s kindness and saw more innovative ways to use the springs, particularly in the areas where there were many springs.

They built pipes and bores from these natural springs and re-directed them to the surrounding homes to facilitate better heating and provide natural mineral baths for the local residents.

In other more spectacular areas they formed tourist attractions for visitors from all over the world to enjoy. One of the main attractions is the Pohutu Geyser that spews hot water and reputedly rises 30 feet high and erupts every 15 minutes.

The Pohutu Geyser

Quite a while back the geyser began to lose its height every time it erupted. It got as low as seven or eight feet. This became a major concern for our tourism board and local government. Huge debates began on what caused this reduction in height. What effect this would have on the economy of our town in terms of tourism, sent them into panic mode. What could be done to keep the tourists coming to our city? It was decided that the bores to the residential homes be closed off, but they were not redirected back to their source. Any other known springs (that were not tourist attractions) were to be controlled or blocked.

In the last 15 years they have had several boiling water and boiling mud eruptions that have almost destroyed homes, ruined back yards and ruined roads. In one year, another major tourist attraction that boasts several large boiling mud pools, erupted furiously, spewing boiling mud all over the park trees and on to moving traffic, creating chaos and havoc.

Councillors were mystified; everyone who is anyone did not seem to know the cause.

I cannot help wondering whether the eruptions occurred because we have tried to control Mother Nature and direct her where to go. Did we stifle her expression so much that she got more assertive?

Gladly she seldom expresses her wrath anymore. Perhaps that is because those with the powers that be have implemented temporary solutions that have served to pacify her for the moment.

Pohutu Geyser

How we affect nature

Earths Wrath

In the veins of the earth

The tremors awaken

to invasions of man

and all that is taken

The substance of man

absorbed by earths skin

Cause tremors to rumble

and complain deep within

The heart of the earth

disturbed by the prodding

the poking and gouging

and poisonous flogging

The skin, the veins

and heart of the earth

Cry out to man

of the pain and the hurt

But man does not hear

and so man continues

To defile the earth

its bones and sinew

When earth reacts to

the pain inside

The earthquakes; tsunamis

are such a surprise

When earth reacts to

the hurt that it feels

The floods, the blizzards

Earths wrath it reveals

But man continues

not connecting the dots

that we may be keepers

but earth calls the shots

Mother nature in my back yard

In winter, as I walk into my back yard. Beneath my feet are dying leaves and rotting petals in the midst of transformation. They are crushed by the weight of my body. The sound I hear as I crush their tender existence emits a mixture of sounds that are discernible only if I remain still in my centre.

I quietly study the lifeless trees, plants and shrubs that are scattered randomly on the evergreen grass. I realize in the moment of my observation that the trees; plants and shrubs are not at all lifeless. Because I can feel the wintery womb of Mother Nature as she nurtures the embryos of the unborn seedlings that she will eventually give birth to when spring entrances. She will send forth a multitude of new expressions of life to adorn the expectant parents that wait patiently in the landscape of my backyard.

Each expression will be unique and will learn to grow within the changing elements of our environment. Each expression will adapt easily to the conditions that the following seasons will bring. Each expression will live its life to its fullest potential because it knows nothing of separation as we do.

It only knows it is connected and is here to express and experience itself.

Waimangu Valley

Natures Preservation

The intelligence of Mother Nature is mind boggling. That she has the ability to preserve the very essence of the elements that gave birth to the original formation of the earth and its adornments is truly a wonderful revelation.

Since nature reflects our inner world it is illuminating to know we can be part of the effect to cause change no matter how ignorant we have been in the past, of the harm we may have unknowingly caused.

The change we make within will assist Mother Nature in doing what she does to rebalance herself and make our earth a more peaceful place to live. After all she is a reflection of our internal world.

Tarawera Galaxy Rising

A vision of earths healing

Out of the mighty universe
came bright and colorful lights
Shimmering and glistening
In the blackest of wintery nights

Gold light sent an aura of joy
That echoed through the land
Uplifting the spark of soul
Hidden in the hearts of man

Angelic voices then chorused
In the great beyond
Joined by a symphony of love
They shared their favourite song

Cascading from earths Waterfalls
Were vibrant colours of grace
Purifying earths waters and
Cleansing all the waste

The red and orange pigments
Then sped across the land
Healing arid wastelands
And the decaying rot of man

The silence within
rumbled deep within earths core
Sending home a message of love
Earths dying no more

Night of the Northern Lights

© 2010 pennyofheaven


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    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi Grand old lady. It is very beautiful and indeed Mother nature. Sorry for the very late reply.

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 

      7 years ago from Philippines

      I love New Zealand and Rotorua sounds very beautiful. Looks like Mother Nature has a mind of its own, though:)

    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from New Zealand

      Very nice to meet you my friend. Thank you for your kind comments.

    • Big Brother profile image

      Alex Valis 

      10 years ago from Earth

      Excellent Hub for a great place on earth...

      All vote up!

      Nice to meet you.

      Alexander the Macedon / Greece

    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from New Zealand

      Amanda thank you for stopping by. I am stoked that you liked your visit to my hometown!

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 

      10 years ago from UK

      Lovely reminder of a great holiday spent touring the North Island. I had the pleasure of enjoying one of those thermal spring baths. Rotorua is a really unique and amazing place. I'd love to go back some day.

    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi Big Brother: Glad you think so. Thanks for stopping in.

    • Big Brother profile image

      Alex Valis 

      10 years ago from Earth

      Excellent Hub and photos too. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi Dave; Haha it is Eden to some! Thanks

      Hi Stars: Thanks for dropping in. Bless you!

      Hi Scriber1: Hehe yes home is where the heart is.

      Hi Amy: A lesson in futility I do agree. Thank you!

    • Amy Becherer profile image

      Amy Becherer 

      10 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      You can't fool with Mother Nature. Not on the same scale, but construction in my mom's neighborhood redirected some small sinkholes that caused many large issues in the land. Trying to alter the paths in nature is a lesson in futility. Unfortunately, once accomplished, it will never be the same. Human beings are their own worst enemies. I enjoyed your beautiful, well written and extremely interesting about a place in the world I know nothing about. Thank you

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Thomas Wolfe said: "You Can't Go Home Again." In your case, I think he was wrong.

    • stars439 profile image


      10 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Very beautiful hub. God Bless You.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      10 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      pennyofheaven: I love the beauty and serenity of this place, are you sure it is not named "Eden"?

      Brother Dave.

    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from New Zealand

      Glad you think so Micky! Thanks for stopping by! Always a pleasure to hear your comments!

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      10 years ago

      Beautiful! Awesomely beautiful! Thank you Dear Penny!

    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from New Zealand

      Good morning qwark: Oh yes the little bits of paradise are everywhere I love the South Island too! Pity our rules are strict. I agree too, don't mess with Mother Nature!. Thanks for stopping by.

      Hi Antoine: Yes indeed we were middle earth. They are apparently filming the hobbit here now. I will be happy to be your personal guide! Glad you took the time to stop by.

    • profile image

      Antoine Van Hove 

      10 years ago

      Grrr, pennyofheaven, you make me jealous! ;-)

      Isn't your country the place where they filmed Lord of the rings?

      Publishing these kind of hubs is dangerous you know?

      Because as a result, the day I am able to visit your country one day, I won't be able to do anything else,

      but ask you to be my personal guide...

      Beside that small danger, great job in presenting your country to the community.

    • qwark profile image


      10 years ago

      G'mornin' Penny:

      New Zealand is a country I've always wanted to visit.

      I was considering moving there. I love the S. Island.

      I subscribed to the Auckland newspaper and contacted authorities in ref to taking up residency. The rules were much too strict. so here I

      Mother "Gaia" has "her" ways. Don't mess with "Mother Nature!"

      Nice read!



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