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Mother of Mine

Updated on February 26, 2013

Oh dear mother of mine,

Who gave us soo much love.

Who in life walked over troubled

Waters, with a smile...

Who wiped away tears,

And walked along my side....

Who cradle me in her arms,,,

No words can describe her charms,

This was the true mother of mine...

They say that the next best thing to

God, is your Mother..

Dear Mother of mine,

Who walked along my side

She held her head up with pride...

She made the World around her laugh

And shared her love with those who

Needed her..

And when she became a grandmother,

She became our children’s

Number one fan

Treating them with sweets, trips

And anything she can...

But not spoiling them...

But showing it all threw her love,

She was the best person around....


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