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Mother And Son

Updated on September 20, 2013

'Mom, Can you make it dark outside?'
No I cannot. Day's not ready to hide. But it will shortly and very soon. The sun does its own thing and so does the moon.

'Mom! Mom! Can you fix this for me?'
Well I can try Son. But as you can see, each thing that needs mending takes time to take shape. It's not like a movie or video tape.

'Mom! Oh Mom! Are you ok?'
Yes Son I am. And by the way, you bring me love that I cherish the most. With your love and hugs, you never boast.

'Mom! Oh Mom! This thing will not work!'
Yes Son, I know that things have their quirks. But someday you'll see that things do have a way of working themselves out with each passing day.

'Mom can you help me do this thing that I cannot ? I need to sing.'
Yes in your own time child of mine, you will have chances to sparkle and shine.

'But Mom, sometimes I feel so alone. Sometimes I walk and feel like I roam.'
I know Son that sometimes there are days when I feel the same as you, like a spinning wheel.

'Then shall I spin Mom, just like a top?'
Sure Son you may, but you must indeed stop, at times a dizziness can set in. Then Son it can be quite tough to win.

My Boy At The Beach
My Boy At The Beach

'Mom! Oh Mom! Can you hold me tight?' Of course Son I can, and all through the night, I will watch and guard as Moms always do. Because dear Son I indeed love you.

'Mom, can I hold you up some day?' Yes, if you wish but do not dismay, You'll stand on your own and when you do, think only how tall and strong are you.

'But Mom, you hold me up sometimes, You tell me stories tell me rhymes. So I will be there to do the same. You'll see Mom, I will my own heart tame.'

'But I'll not let go of the things that we share, and how much, Mom, I really do care. And I'll hold you tight when times get tough. Even if from a-far and times are rough.'

'And Mom when I do, you'll know of me. My spirit will fly wherever I be. I'll be there for you in all times and places. I'll smile and be there to tie your shoe laces.'

Oh my Son you are precious and I'll not forget, The words that you tell me this day. You Bet!-The bond between Mother and Son never parts. It only grows stronger within their hearts.

Kari Shinal Copyright 9-8-2007


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