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Time I Will not Fear! For My Success is a Guarantee!

Updated on June 28, 2014

The Man Inside the Man

A Motivational Speech to Self

I will act now; today

I will start my work with no delay

I will not be detoured!

I will act Today!

Henceforth, I

I will pray

I will repeat this action

Each and everyday

Until the Lord my God concurs

My words will become

As much as a reality as my breathing

And/or the beating of my heart

My brothers will you not start?

These actions of the heart

Which will I take, which will you start?

They will follow me and you

To our hurt or to our fame

They will become all but a memory

Locked within this our brain

My Prayers will become

Instinctive by and by

As the blinking of my eyes

With these words I will Decree

No this flesh I will bend

To perform the secretes

Every action necessary for my success

I will act today

I will not delay

I will pray

Unto my Lord and Father

Once again

For I plan to win

I will walk where angels fear

For (Us) to tread

Where my brothers who are unable

To bow their little heads

For they are not yet ready

And can not go

Where I must tread

I will work when and where failure seeks to test

The fold yet are both young and old

I will act today and do as I am told

For I know my Tomorrows

And they shall never come

Into the Light if I remain ho hum

For the faithful labor of the fight

Yet I am not afraid, I am able

And I am my Father's Son

Tomorrow is the day; today

My Brother, but yet

The "Dark Prince of this world"

Will wish to succeed too

I will not be akin to his Belief

For my success will not wait

For I have already won

I am my Father's Son

And He, did not fail!

So I will not fear

To tell the tale

Of his burden upon the cross

Success will become

My brothers; our victory

They shall not; be lost

To me; no not to me

Forever found

This is the time

This is the place!

I am the person

Come one, come all

You will not fall; come

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My thanks to Marcus Campbell, who brought me back to mind with his motivational speech to self.

Thanks Marcus best of luck with your endeavors this year.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man


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