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Motivational thoughts to remain positive forever

Updated on April 5, 2015


World of possibilities will never end.

‘Keep trying’ should be the motto of human being.

Limitless energy is filled inside of us; we just need to realize that.

Every situation is manageable need to have the courage to handle it.

If you will go, you will get it.

What I am saying herein they are not mere slogans but my own experience.

It’s my will that will create the way not the other way round.

When we decide to do something, ways to get it done will come inevitably.

People will judge you the way you want to do.

You command that all respect you want from others to have for you.

Infinite time God has given to you to mull over for doing good.

Infinite life is bestowed on you for making chain of very good views.

Difficulty is an integral part of any good process, love it always!

Take time in deciding once you have decided take rest only when it is done.

Continuous efforts for simplification are keys to get expertise.

When you keep doing things you get enormous learning throughout it.

Knowledge is such a gem which increases on sharing.

Always have the feeling to do something good for others to remain happy forever.

Selfish people always face much of stress due to their selfishness.

‘Love all and respect all’ that’s the key to be a good human being! Cheers!!


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