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Mountain Sky

Updated on July 6, 2012

Mountain Sky

Simple flowers in a vase,

picked in the morning sun.

Illuminate my words and the vivid blue bird.

Color the dark leaves with sparkle.

Rabbits twitch in the damp grass.

Swallows dive and dip.

Blooming violets of mountain dew

sing to me each day.

I lay in the grass in sackcloth,

next to the roses of the field.

Bare legs, bare feet.

The old freckled skin of my hands.

Release the energy to me.

All of natures timeless beauty,

let it fall on me like snow.

The moth and the monarch flutter away.

My cares reside with them.

With berries to darken my lips red

and cold clean water for my soul,

I have no need to shop for things.

No mortgage or escrow.

All I have is another day.

The blue mountain sky above.

I gather the morning flowers together

and watch the seeds of growth spread.

By Joanne Kathleen Farrell

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