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Moving in the Times with our Lord

Updated on September 14, 2012

How many times has anyone ever been on the move?
It can be just to move something from one room to another, or from one house to another, or it can be that you yourself want to move from one situaiuon to another where you think that it may be a better one than the last one you were in.

God says that He wants us to move out of our comfort zone and move into His care.

But so many just don't want to do that, as now they are feeling secure but for how long will this feeling last for, that is the question?

When a strong wind comes to blow they come crushing down and all is lost for them as they would be thinking.

This strong wind would be something that is against what they feel strongly about, even you think it is rite for you, but ! God has a different view on the situation.

Over many years I have had this feeling that here is more to my life than what I have been doing, this was years ago.

So as the years went by my feelings were just the same, but till one night Jesus came and told me He had work for me to do.

Isaiah 43: 'I have rescued you , I have called you by name, now you belong to me.' well when I heard His voice speaking to me that really throw me, here is Jesus come and speak to me, well yes I was taken aback, but from that day till now yes I have been very close to my Lord.

He has placed on my heart many things for me to do, just what I'm doing right now writing this material as yrs ago I would not be doing this.

He has given to me a new lease of life, and it only comes from Him the Father,then as time went by I had this feeling that I was to go over to East Africa to do some ministry there, now after some months now really that long ago, many friends started to say to me not to go as they had visions about what could happen to me if I went there.

As I had made up my mind to go I bought my ticket and was packing ready to go, then more of my family started to tell me not to go as danger was there for me,but I said that God will look after me, still more said to me dont go, then a stranger said to me dont go, so now I said ok I will not go.

So now my moving had been stopped, was this through God getting to others because I made up my mind to go even if it were dangerious to go.

Now God had in time placed some one on my path of life, and this person and I fell in love, was this also the plan of God He giving to me my reward for not going to East Africa, was God showing to me that He is in control of my life, because as I want to do something that is not on the plan of God, a block came up to stop me from doing it, oh yes! we still can over ride what God has for us, as He has given to all of us a choice.

But when we are told by many not to do something, do we still go ahead and do it? well this time I did listen to what was told to me not to go, as many said to me it would not be safe for me to go on my own.

As I said God rewarded me with this lovely person, He brought us together so we could share our love with each other, yes and now we both plan to wed in the coming months.
This is a move that God is fully in and in control too, so when we have God in control of our lives we can not go wrong in any way, as He is there making a way for us to go through.

Jesus made it very clear that He is the way, and the only way to the Father, so by following Him how can we go wrong.

ramon (c) 14/9/2012


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