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Mr. Mummy of Egyptian History

Updated on August 29, 2011

Hey mummy of disrobed history...your cause and reactions making ripples within the fabrics of historical space and time,
I thought you knew what you wanted...the afterlife you waited so long for...the justifiable rustic scale of never-ending commitment,
Did you know it would happen this way...your words of silent wisdom have already echoed through our dreams,
You say submit your hopes and fears for the jackal to realize your fate...twenty-first century kids don't know this Mr. Mummy.

We fear for your safety you know...the robbers and thugs of anti conservation of archeological significance digging at your grave,
They have already stole some of your prized possessions...rods of magnificence ruling empires...pottery with your remains,
Where has your urns know the other six with the fifteen that you used to have...can you help me find them,
I want to help save your heritage...but how can I with your Luftwaffe sneakiness...your dying wish to keep your belongings from the world.

Hope you've slept well...thirty five thousand year old buildings still hold your seconding name...your bafflement of current technology even baffles us as we peer into your past advancements,
You and your lemon tight light sources...we know you had don't have to hide it from us...why wouldn't you,
Tada the magic trick is over...our robots look into your pyramids of winding mysteriousness...thick walls abound,
Deeper and deeper we plunge...becoming smarter as we decipher your advanced hieroglyphs.

We stand still and watch from our laboratory...carbon Dating your material like guinea pigs in a standstill,
Hope your papyrus wording can help us see your understanding of life...your tut and your Ramses...oh mummy your so sneaky,
Which one could you be...we can finding more and more of's getting a little overwhelming and your history keeps changing,
Mr. Mummy...let us in to your don't have to hide anymore...our misleading facts about you will soon change I promise.


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    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Thank you both for your encouragement

    • Carrie Hollister profile image

      Carrie Hollister 6 years ago from Ohio

      LOVE THIS POEM! Voted up!

      @ SilentReed LOL. Love that comment! I'd vote that up if I could!

    • SilentReed profile image

      SilentReed 6 years ago from Philippines

      I love my mummy / age does not matter / all wrap up and nowhere to go / let's take the old gal on a spin / as she unwraps as we waltz down the street / with mr. mummy safely tuck away / I'll just try to avoid his lethal curse of certain death :)