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Mr. Hanks...

Updated on November 8, 2012


For all the work you've done... it's been great,

he know's you're alone in the faces of mazes and monsters... Bosom buddies, make me laugh... Happy days splash into the bachelor party, wait...

Family ties... Booze is a dive, nothing in common, it's the money pit... Dragnet, this is big, punchline fate,

in the burb's on the curb watchin' Joe versus the volcano, the bonfire of vanities... Turner and hooch is the pooch lickin' a smooch... Stay!!!,

in a league of their own... Shown sleepless in Seattle and in Philadelphia, aids to a forrest... Gump has a hunch about Apollo, 13... Ground control to major tom... Up up and away,

off into the digital vastness woody... A toy story to direct that thing you do, a play tone from earth to the moon saving private Ryan from whom... D-day,

you've got mail down a green mile castaway, a band of bothers... America: A tribute to hero's, rescued from the closet, on a road to perdition... Catch me if you can sneaky,

my big fat Greek wedding produced lady killers, the terminal to the polar express... The Da Vinci code... The war... A cartoon Simpson, starter for ten in charlie Wilson's war... Freaky,

the great buck Howard with angels and demons on Saturday night... Live where the wild things are, 3 story toy or Larry Crowne... Extremely close and incredibly loud... Cheeky,

good luck on playing Disney!!! We all await eagerly for you to win another Emmy... Or many more awards and cards... Easy


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    • goego profile image

      goego 5 years ago from Loserland


    • brblog profile image

      Bruce 5 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Clever . . .