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Mrs. Kong Pursues Wrongful Death Claim by Merwin Severtson

Updated on February 24, 2011

Bovine Scatology News, By Merwin Severtson

The Attorney for Mrs. Robert “King” Kong, is seeking damages on her behalf, from the State of New York and the city of New York, for the wrongful death of her husband.

The attorneys for the city and state are counter suing for corporal damages wrought upon the city and state, at what they termed as a re-housing effort for the visiting island Monarch.

In opening arguments, Mrs. Kong’s attorney called the counter suit “laughable” and a “frivolous deflection”, further stating that, “The government’s assertion that his Majesty Kong’s presence here was in anyway a “visit”, is one more defining characteristic of their legal dishonesty in a long string of declarations intended to portray the “victims” in the worst possible light. These, are efforts to paint him as someone who is willing to misrepresent himself as an Emperor, rather than heir to an island throne.

They would have you believe that he is in breach of a verbal contract… that the governing bodies of the Empire State and especially the Empire City were duped by my client’s late and beloved spouse. That they were simply in search of a viable emperor to be a token emblem of the city and state’s economic might. They will further attempt to implant the notion that once they discovered his true intentions of imposing his previously unknown Kingship here, that this broke their handshake agreement. And, that they then intended to allow him a short, temporary visa, to visit the sights available in their fair metropolis, and then pay for the couples return to their island paradise. Of course, they would also have you conclude that they bore him no malice for his alleged fraud. That they were merely attempting to make lemonade from lemons, by returning him home in peace.

It is my job… no… my duty, to accurately convey these truths: That on his wedding night with my client, she was abducted from his embrace while he slept. He awoke in time to attempt her rescue. He was able to catch up with her abductor back at their wedding chapel, only to be violently drugged and himself abducted along with his devoted Bride. He and my client were brought… against their will to this cold concrete jungle, populated by equally cold hearted entrepreneurs, who hoped to shackle them both in indentured servitude. These avaricious moguls, confident that they were above the law, preyed upon the lives of these young lovers, who, just days before had begun their joyous journey of nuptial discovery. Those two then found themselves at the mercy of those that encompassed them, who were not well meaning civil servants, but automatons pursuing filthy lucre, who meant nothing better for the couple but to live the rest of their lives as freak show oddities.

Well… the hopeful couple found their opportunity for freedom, and attempted to take advantage of this small window. Commensurate with the odds against them, they were separated by their former captors during the attempt to escape. This imposed estrangement, the foreign hostile environment and repeated city and state efforts… not to re-house, or even re-capture, but to apparently kill his Majesty, evoked from him, a self defensive posture on the verge of mad desperation. His Majesty was able to recover his Bride only through her efforts.

Reunited, they together found a high prospect from where they hoped to view an avenue of deliverance. It was happenstance and coincidence that this high vantage was the “Empire State Building”. His Majesty Kong was not trying to usurp the governing entity’s control of this cruel city, nor was he, or she attempting to establish permanent residence in the city’s flagship skyscraper as the opposing council will try to convince you of… they simply wanted to go home.

The opposing council will rush to the public relations, pulp portrayal of all the mayhem and say it is the fault of a power mad monarch. They are grasping at any opportunity to paint themselves as generously trying to return to their former understanding with my client and her late husband, and if that failed, to simply return them to their island. They will try to say that Robert Kong wouldn’t have it, and began a course of violence, in a vain, tragic and failed attempt to extend his kingdom to include New York.

Again, it is my duty… nay, my moral obligation, to set at the feet of those responsible, that which became the genesis of so much suffering. Not just the sufferings of my client but for all those innocents that the opposing council tends to refer to as “collateral damage”. To further provide argument that paints a picture of governmental forced servitude that, when it failed, would be covered up by the murderous, wrongful death of my client's beloved.


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    • CoauthorU profile image

      CoauthorU 6 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      It is much better to respect their partial, nearly uninterrupted evening of privacy.

    • Roger Crigger profile image

      Roger Crigger 6 years ago from Northern Idaho

      Tragic tale when told truthfully! I would have to concur and loudly render the verdict..."THEY DONE KONG WRONG!" I do thank the writer however for the decision to exclude evidence regarding the nuptial bliss of consumation night!