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Mud Pies for Sister Pie

Updated on June 8, 2021
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author who loves to share her children's stories with her readers!

The Cute Kittens Would Play With Little Chicks

Jenny and Laura lived in an aged, greenhouse with their parents and grandparents. Every day after school, Jenny would hastily do her homework and Laura would daydream. Laura just wanted to play with her dolls and her grades dwindled. Momma tried everything to get Laura to excel in school, except she persisted to devising clever ways to making time to fool around.

One hot summer day, while school was in recess Jenny and Laura felt dreadfully bored. They couldn’t settle on what to do and their parents had gone grocery shopping. Grandpa allowed them to play in the rear yard that was hemmed with a white picket fence.

There were baby chicks in the yard and two kitties. The kittens would tenderly play with the chicks and the chicks loved the thrill. They would run around and allow the cats to lick and nuzzle them.

Laura Crafted Her First Mud Pie

It had sprinkled the night before and the ground was a bit damp. In a corner was a delightful rose bush and Laura thought of doing something special with the blooms. Besides, cutting them and placing them in a darling floral arrangement, she had a superior idea.

Laura found two old cake pans and filled them with dirt. Jenny wondered what she was doing and she stated it was a surprise for mom. Jenny proceeded to fiddle with the chicks and cats, while Laura decorated her cake pans with fresh cut roses. She put them on a bench and waited for her parents to get home.

“What’s that,” stated Jenny?

“It’s a pair of mud pies I made for mamma.”

Would Laura Eat Her Mud Pies

“You expect to eat those?”

“No, silly! I just want mom to take a picture of them, cause they look genuine.”

Laura’s hair was covered with soil and Laura thought she was fairly nutty.

“What will you do with the mud pie pictures, Laura?”

“I intend to present them to my friends in school. I trust they’ll believe they’re real and I’ll ask them if they want to purchase one.”

“How will you sell dirt? It’s everywhere and your chums can craft their own mud pies!”

“You’ll see! I’ll absolutely sell them and earn a ton of cash.”

Whilst Jenny would pose Laura another question, their parents returned from shopping. Jenny went to tell them Laura was covered with slime. The cats jigged on her mud pies and mashed them to rags. The roses scattered everywhere and Laura started crying. Her tears smeared her face! Jenny couldn’t stand this and she dashed to enlighten her parents about Laura’s plan to sell mud pies.

“If you would stop sobbing and take a shower, I’ll help you craft and sell your pies, Laura,”said mamma.

Laura Developed an Ingenious Idea

Laura beamed with pride. She stopped weeping and darted upstairs to freshen up. Meanwhile, Jenny and mamma gathered flour, eggs, sugar, chocolate and hot fudge from the pantry. They waited for Laura to return to bake the mud pies.

Laura mixed the flour and sugar as mamma beat the eggs. Jenny held she’ll place the icing on the cakes and watch them harden. At last, the mud pies were ready and Jenny smeared them with hot fudge. Mom snapped a picture as Laura sampled one.

“Wow, these are the best mud pies ever! Do you suppose I can sell them for a buck a piece?”

Laura Went to Work and Sold Heaps of Pies

“That’s pretty inexpensive, two dollars will do,” said Jenny and mamma concurred.

Laura went straight to work to advertise her mud pies in school and around her neighborhood. She drew logos for her pie pictures and placed them on bulletin boards in school and on certain light posts on her block. Before long, she received pie orders. Jenny kept a tab on the amount she was selling as mom baked the pies. She sold a whopping amount and made over one thousand bucks.

Success Was So Sweet

This success boosted Laura’s self-esteem and her grades ultimately soared too. Her parents were exceedingly proud of her and placed part of the sale money in a bank account. With the remaining funds, she purchased a new bicycle for Jenny and presents for her kin.

“I imagine carelessness and fooling around won’t do any longer! Excellent labor does compensate. I’m off to becoming a fine business person and will gross a massive amount of doe, hooray!”

© 2014 Sheila Craan


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