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Multidimensions and the Spirit World

Updated on February 24, 2012

An imagination is one of the gifts that we, as people, enjoy in our lives on this planet. I would like to propose an idea to you about the Spirit World and life after our earthly death. It is my belief that we may well live in a multidimensional world. It is established that we live on the ground or earth as our homes, while fish and other creatures live in the oceans. Is this not two dimensions? Is the area that we have labeled as outer space, not yet another dimension? These are dimensions that we can see or prove that they exist. I believe that there is a dimension that we cannot see, but perhaps sense.It is the fourth dimension of the spirit world that encompasses all about us.

There are about 4.5 billion souls on this planet and billions of other creatures, which all have a spirit, or life force. I have given this subject a lot of thought and read several papers about the subject of a living spirit that continues to thrive after our worldly bodies are dead and gone. Can you imagination how many there must be of spirit forms over several thousand years of existence on this planet? I also believe that a spirit is much like positive particles that are attracted by a magnetic source and move to that source when they are free to do so. This is what I think happens to a spirit, or souls in another name.

The spirits that have been productive and positive forces move to a like magnetic light that is the source of all life. The spirits that are negative or developed in a negative manner, are repelled or go to another dimension on this earth and remain, until such time they may be altered in a positive way so that they too, may join the positive sources of light, may be one answer to what we call, "Life After Death" and our journey to what we also call Heaven. There would have to be an unimaginable number of spirits that roam, are hover about the expanses that surround this world, if this is the case. These spirits may be oppositional or negative in structure and this may be the reason that some places experience bad spirits or ghosts, by another name, or perhaps these spirits are seeking an answer to how they might join the positive spiritual light. In some cases I think this can be resolved and the spirits do join the unified positive or good light, which we call heaven.

There have been countless experiences of people who have witnessed spirits or what we call ghosts at times. I think some times these spirits can reveal their location and this is why we see them. These concepts may be too controversial for many to comprehend or consider and may go against their values and religious convictions. I believe that understanding spirits and the world or dimension that they are in, does not go against any set form of religion. We are born and perish as the dust in our bodily form. our spirit remains and either goes to be with God, and in heaven or does not and remains on the earth because of a negative , or what we call sinful life. I think we can shape our spirits as we live our daily lives. When we do good or positive acts, our strength grows in the subjective magnetic capacity that each of us has. When we do bad acts or negative things, our spirits take on another repulsive form that will not be attracted to the one great light of spiritual magnetism at the time of our deaths on this planet. I also think that things experienced in life can be so disturbing to the spirit, then that particular one is not ready to join the positive force, because of unresolved events or happenstance in life.It does not mean that that spirit was evil, just unresolved. If this sounds too unlikely or incomprehensible to some, or is not acceptable, then I apologize.

When my grandmother died and my wife and I went to her funeral. at the parlor, where her body rested, many people were present. As we entered the walkway and home, a strange green mist hovered in the air above our heads. I pointed this out to my wife, who agreed with me hat it probably was my grandmother greeting each visitor to her viewing at the home. I have witnessed spirits on other occasions and they appeared as a mist in one incidence and the form seemed as real as life, in another. I do think that these entities have the ability to reveal their essences,

I believe that we are all created by a benevolent spirit, that we call God, and that we are given the life force and a time to live and enjoy it on this earth and develop our individual spirits as we do, and it makes our Creator exceedingly joyful when we join Him in the great spiritual light of Heaven. I believe He gives us the chance to make the most of each life so gifted and with every positive and good spirit that joins the rest, the stronger it becomes. Yes, an imagination is a gift, and sometimes, it brings more into focus than we may realize. I believe there is a legimate fusing of what we call science and our individual religious beliefs, and further, I think that this is a necessary process that each individual must deal with in our psyche. Amen

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