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"My Parents Make Me Sick!" (Julie Hardin) Stories of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

Updated on September 1, 2011

Julie Harden

The hospital staff is at a loss as a chronically-ill 4-year old boy lay suffering in his bed. His mother stays by his side, holding his hand and whispering encouraging words in his ear both day and night, never leaving his side. As this frail child endures one painful test after another, she sheds tears but never gives up hope. It is no surprise that hospital staff thinks of this mother as a loving and supportive parent.

To inject saline into her sons IV line brings her pleasure. The cries and moans from her child give her a twisted reward of parenting. The attention and sympathy from the staff, friends and family feed her self satisfaction of making her boy ill.

Julie Harden
Julie Harden

Julie Harden is awaiting trial in this case. This is not the first time Ms. Harden has had a child with health issues. In 1995, a death investigation of Ms. Hardens 15-month-old son, Gabriel was performed. That death was ruled natural, and the cause was viral pneumonia. Her four year old is now in custody of the state.

Amber Brewington
Amber Brewington

Noah King

Amber Brewington's 4 month old son, Noah King is of critical status as Doctors struggle to find the cause. Her son endures strokes and seizures. His mother sits by his side 24 hours a day. Hospital staff are reassured as Amber bathes in the sink because she too worried and concerned for her son to leave the hospital. She is noted as a wonderful mother until a nurse observes Amber disconnecting her sons feeding tube and reports it immediately. She is taken into custody at the hospital. While searching her pink camouflage backpack, police find a large container of Morton salt, two bottles filled with salt water and a plastic syringe.

Noah King has suffered at the hands of his mother. Now she shall suffer at the hands of justice. She is charged with attempted homicide by injecting salt into her sons feeding tube resulting in alarming high levels of sodium..

Blanca Montano
Blanca Montano

Blanca Montano

Blanca Montano, mother of two, is concerned when her children come down with flu-like symptoms. Her son recovers quickly with treatment from a nearby hospital and is sent home. However, her daughters condition is steadily deteriorates.

Blanca Montanos daughter is diagnosed with nine different rare infections without cause. Although the mother appears concerned, staff notice that the daughters condition worsens at each visit from the mother. Staff place hidden cameras in the child's room only to find mom placing blankets around the baby to hide any wrong-doings from site. It is also noted the the mother would place tissue in the metal bx that held the hidden camera.

It is suspected that Blanca Montano was injecting her daughter with an unknown substance making her ill. Ms. Montano is now awaiting punishment for child abuse.  

Sara Rose Dillard-Lubin
Sara Rose Dillard-Lubin

Sara Rose Dillard-Lubin

Sara Rose Dillard-Lubin, is a 25 year old woman with a beautiful 2 month old daughter. As with most parents that find there child to be running a high fever, Ms.Dillard-Lubin is scared and panicked. She brings her infant daughter to the hospital at once.

Doctors could not find a cause to the high fever presented so admitted her for observation. During that time a nurse found the child to be barely breathing and with a low heart rate as mom slept in a chair beside her crib. Numerous tests are ordered by the physicians and the answer is found. Opiates. 

It is later found that the mother had been adding morphine to her babies bottle. Why? To get attention from the babies father. Unfortunately this is not the end of the story. Ms.Dillard-Lubin was on probation for poisoning her 10 month old son with Morphine years earlier. Both children are in protective custody. 

Child Abuse Hotline


Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is child abuse. It is most likely to be committed by the mother. In a nutshell, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is exaggerating symptoms, creating symptoms or actively inducing symptoms of sickness upon the child.

Punish the Crime or Treat the Disorder?

That is the misconception of this syndrome. It is not a disorder, it is a preplanned crime. It takes time and thought to obtain and accomplish the illness of the child. It is no different than sexual abuse, physical abuse and/or emotional abuse. The psychological damage is significant to the child, often leaving the child to think that to get love he/she must be ill.

Parents with Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy often feel satisfaction by lying and ultimately convincing those around them of their lies. The parent is selfish as they do not see their child as having rights or feelings, it is only about the feelings of the parent. The parents need for attention and validation is fulfilled with the illness of the child.

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is hard to notice and sometimes hard to prove. What appears to be a loving, attentive parent could actually be the childs worse enemy.

The stories noted above are only a glimpse at the numerous reports of child abuse stemmed from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

So please...

If you work in health care- be aware and report.  

If you are a parent even THINKING of such an act- GET HELP!

Child Abuse is never okay...


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    • Purplepassion1 profile image

      Joanne Lombardo 3 years ago from Prescott AZ

      I enjoyed reading this well put together hub. I now get why my stepson is a hypochondriac; he equates love with being sick. His biological mother had Munchausen Syndrome and fortunately she never did anything too drastic to him.

    • profile image

      Mike 6 years ago

      Very informative, Well written thank you

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Munchausen Syndrome is bad enough- Munchausen Syndrome by proxy is even worse! Very scary stuff O_O