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Munshi Premchand - The Greatest Hindi Writer

Updated on April 19, 2010

Munshi Premchand

Munshi Premchand (Born July 31, 1880– Died October 8, 1936) was a famous Hindi Novelist and Story writer of modern Hindi-Urdu literature.

Premchand was born on July 31, 1880 in the village Lamhi, near Varanasi. His Father's name was Munshi Ajaib Lal, who was a clerk in the post office, and his mother's name was Anandi. She was a housewife.

His childhood name was Dhanpat Rai ("master of wealth") while his uncle, Shree Mahabir, a rich landowner, used to call him Nawab (Prince). His early education was at a local madarsa (a muslim school) under a maulvi, where Premchand studied Urdu. Premchand's parents died in his young age - his mother died when he was seven and his father also died while he was sixteen or seventeen and was still a student. now only he was left responsible for his stepmother and step-siblings.

Premchand was married early, at the age of fifteen, to a girl from a neighboring village but the marriage was completely a failure and, when he left the village in 1899, the girl returned to her village. Several years later, in the year 1906, in response to an advertisement in a local paper from a man who wanted to marry off his child-widow daughter, Premchand married a second time to Shivrani Devi. She was a decent lady.

Now we should talk about Premchand's Writing. The main beauty of Premchand's writings is his interesting story-telling and use of a very simple language. His novels presents the problems of the rural peasant classes very Handsomely. Premchand avoided the use of highly Sanskritized Hindi (as it was the common practice in those days among Popular Hindi writers), but rather he used the dialect of the common people (the aam aadmi of India).

Example of His Writing :

"Maasik vetan to purnamasi ka chand hai.......

Upri aay behta hua srot hai jisse sadev pyas bujhti hai..........

Ladkiyan hai ki  ghaas foos ki tarah badhti jaati hai.......

main to kagare ka vriksh hun jaane kab gir padoon.

   -"Namak ka Daroga" (Premchand)

He wrote about 300 short stories and several novels(Upanyas) as well as many essays(Nibandh)  and letters(Patra). He also wrote some great plays(Naatak) and did some translations(Anuvaad). Later, Many of Premchand's stories have been translated into English and Russian Languages.

Famous stories of Munshi Premchand (Unordered List):


Boodhi Kaki

Bade Ghar ki Beti

Ishvariy Nyay

Do Belon ki katha

Panch Parmeshwar


Namak ka Daroga

Poos ki Raat

Bade Babu

Godaan , His last novel, is considered one of the finest Hindi novels of all time.The protagonist, Hori, is a poor peasant, and desperately longs for a cow, a symbol of wealth and prestige in the rural India. The story of godaan depicts the human beings' deep-rooted beliefs, and their ability to survive and uphold these beliefs despite great misery.

It's a Beautiful Novel. A Must read for everyone.

This novel, and other work of Premchand can be downloaded Free from .

Books on Premchand:

1. "Premchand: Ek Vivechan" by Indernath Madaan

        This Books Covers Premchand's Life and Critics on Writing of Premchand.


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premchand in his early ageAnother Photo of PremchandBook on Premchandanother book on premchand
premchand in his early age
premchand in his early age
Another Photo of Premchand
Another Photo of Premchand
Book on Premchand
Book on Premchand
another book on premchand
another book on premchand


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    • profile image

      hjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjk 2 years ago

      namak ka daroga is very inspiring

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      3 years ago

      Marathi languag MY favorite writer.

      My name is sonaxi

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      shrinidhi 3 years ago

      i like all your stories i love it

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      9096570681 3 years ago

      The offer is only for today

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      Anurag sahu from x d of kvtirumalagiri 3 years ago

      From my other n

    • profile image

      anurag 3 years ago

      i read the noval -godaan . it is too nice for our lifestyle . it is my best one novel and i want that everyone shoud read it one time

    • profile image

      vipan gautam 3 years ago

      great writer, his novels worked as a mirror of society.

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      APARNA 4 years ago


    • profile image

      sid 4 years ago

      i want to say that he was a great writer whose stories can attract anyone

    • profile image

      Aadil islam 4 years ago

      i think that he was veeeeeeeeeeeeeery good writer

    • profile image

      Payal Manwani 5 years ago

      i too am inspired from his novel "goodan" its really just awesome ....... i love it..... really its a great writer

    • profile image

      Deepak Das 5 years ago

      the greatest indian writer till now.......

    • profile image

      pankaj 5 years ago

      He was a best writter

    • profile image

      Balbir Singh 5 years ago

      What is that story in which Munshi ji writes" schools do not open just by ringing the bell...." Pl let know where can I read about that

    • profile image

      sapana 5 years ago

      i think he was the best writer of hindi stories "Poos ki raat " one of the best story and i like that. he was a "unique man" .

    • profile image

      Zaheer 5 years ago

      great writer. Simply Master Piece

    • profile image

      kuna sharma 5 years ago

      i like all the stories of premchand he was a great writer

    • profile image

      Sachin chauhan 5 years ago

      I read many stories from this site. so. -thanks-

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      DIVYANSHU 5 years ago


    • profile image

      monis 5 years ago

      i likke "namak ka daroga" bcase its very intresting

    • profile image

      LALIT 5 years ago

      His stories are heart touching.No one can write like him.He is the best novelist in india. i read many of his novels and his story i find that only about the village life or the condition of girl. what ever say but he is great to me.

    • profile image

      jasmeet singh brar 5 years ago

      Nice noval gadaan

    • profile image

      prince 5 years ago

      best and very very best and great writer of INDIA

    • profile image

      sakshi 5 years ago

      I Read his last novel godan which was superb I suggest everyone to read atleast once its really fantastic

    • profile image

      Afsha 6 years ago

      I like Munshi Premchand's sotries speciallay Anubhav. It is about a woman who struggled in her life.

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      RAkesh 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Ritu garg 6 years ago

      Realy he was good writer & novelist


      I liked his every story

      Great Person in Early India.

    • profile image

      Dharmendra mishra 6 years ago

      Munshi Premchand was a great writer of India

    • profile image

      aarati krishna 6 years ago

      really... he was a great person

      a born writer

      i am totally inspired by him

    • profile image

      bhoot 7 years ago

      its bhoot

    • multifunctions profile image

      Sanjay Sapre 7 years ago from India

      i will be thankful to you if i see the similar hub about '"Harishankar Parsai" and "nirala"

    • profile image

      priya 7 years ago

      hi nice site i really love his last novel ''goodan''

      its really mindblowing.......!!!!

    • profile image

      Jolly Uncle 7 years ago

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      vishal 7 years ago

      great writer of india

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      urdu stories 7 years ago

      i have visited to this site and found to get the interested story which is very impressive and informative.