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Appreciate the Blessings Forget the Flaws

Updated on October 3, 2017




Murmurings, Complainings, Unsatisfied

That is who you are

I could go on and on


I could scream

This is unbearable

I have listened

I have been attentive

I have given my opinions

I have given my everything

And I have reached my breaking point

My ears are sore from your continuous complaining

We are friends and I hope that won't change

Truth be told

You are ungrateful, selfish and hard to please

You murmur and complain about everything

You can't see the good in what you have

You are blinded by faults and complains

Stop! For a minute

And see the good and appreciate them

Be thankful and accept what you have

You are blessed above so many

But yet you only see your selfish needs


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