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Shinedown: The Sound of Madness. A Music Album for the Story of My Life

Updated on December 31, 2013
My Little Bits of Shinedown
My Little Bits of Shinedown | Source

Shinedown: The Sound of Madness

The last couple years have been life altering. The Sound of Madness is about starting, creating and coming back to a full circle, having changed your life for the better. It is a story about all of the things in between. My life from beginning to today is the perfect copy of this circle.

I was fortunate enough to catch Shinedown on their latest tour, Anything and Everything which was an entire acoustic set (my 7th show!). Before each song, lead singer Brent Smith likes to give a tidbit of information regarding the details of the story behind the particular song he is about to sing. Of course, not all of the stories are all about him, they include other band members as well.

What amazes me is this man’s ability to turn such a simple set of events into something so profound. When you listen to the songs you will hear a simple surface meaning that every song has. If you listen, I mean really listen; you will get a glimpse into Brent’s life. There is sadness, heartache and pain. It’s not there on the surface. What is on the surface is empowering enough alone, but to get the true meaning and THEN hear the story behind it, well, that’s just magic.

To me, that is real music. Real music gets inside my head and stays there. It forces me to think, it forces me to be real. If he can be real for millions of fans, I can be real for myself.

One of the best tidbits that Brent spoke included these following words:

(in reference to asking the audience, “What is the Sound of Madness?)

“Madness lets you know you’re alive……chaos, crazy elements that pushes you to make you who you are…..None of us are promised tomorrow. See, life is a gift. So what you do today is so very crucial about what happens tomorrow. You MUST find your drive. Be the person that can go when no one else can go. This is the Sounds of Madness.”

Brent also talks freely about his son Lyric. At every concert I have heard Brent talk about his battle with drug addiction, his son is going to be X age this December and he gave him his life back. Brent speaks about drug addiction and how it was selfish. He had to look within himself and determine he will no longer live like this. Those who have been Shinedown fans from the beginning can see the total transformation right in front of you.

In his words:

“Children save us from vanity...they are bigger than you…..He is my motivation, he is bigger than me. I am not going to let a substance control my life because I am way too strong. I AM stronger than any substance.”

Although I have never had a drug addiction, I do fight with a food addiction and have been since I was about 7. Some days I am stronger than others. I keep telling myself, it will get better. I AM stronger than any substance. My motivation is me. Shinedown is helping me get through when times get tough. So, when I finish my book and it’s made into a movie, Shinedown (and maybe a little U2) will be providing the soundtrack.

About the Tattoo

Yes, that is really me.

Yes, the entire tattoo is bits and pieces of Shinedown songs. Although most people don't figure that out when they see it. That is the way I wanted it. 

I have written a Hub about the meaning behind my tattoo while doing the HubPages writing challenge. You can check that out here: Shinedown Tattoo


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    • cmahan profile imageAUTHOR

      Chrystal Mahan 

      7 years ago from Michigan

      I believe music has the power to heal!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great story I too am Changing my life and music is such a big part of my total salvation !! And always has been and will be !!!


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