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Music of My Mind

Updated on October 14, 2011

Staff paper, blank and waiting for my mind to place on it a master piece. A peace of mind, trapped in time patiently waiting to be released, is it Tuesday? Begging for my thoughts to use me and make me what they want me to be. To compose, to produce to release my ever wondering inner being, what will it be? Classical, hip hop, jazz, gospel, new age, contemporary?

As I search from within my soul the words to come to me to sing the perfect lyrics, my heart executes the most profound melody. The harp, I hear it, it's angelic and sounds so lovely. The violin, it's crisp and ear piercing, the bass, I feel it, it's so deep. The most perfect trio of sound I've closed my eyes to listen to and see.

Lovers waltz with laced hands, b-boys pose in their b-boy stance, dancers of praise feel God's presence, all through music. Be it in my heart spirit or soul, it came from my mind and I shared it with the world. I gave the next man a chance to experience what it's like to be mindfully blessed, to have a variety of life's challenges and trying test revealed, to know through music of my mind, I will prevail.

Copyright 2011 MWoodson-Ursery


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    • M Woodson-Ursery profile image

      M Woodson-Ursery 6 years ago

      Thank you Ashley, feel free to share yours at anytime.:)

    • profile image

      Ashley Cole 6 years ago

      Wow Marcy, this sounds good. I'm poetic myself and I was able to read this as if i wrote it! Thats what you want. For your readers or listeners to be able to connect with your words.