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Music of love

Updated on March 5, 2017


My heart sings a song only you can hear,
My heart races, whenever to you, he is near,
In your love there is nothing wrong, and everything is right,
You are what gives me hope, you are my guiding light,

When I see you, even while struck with gloom,
I hear violins in a field, where the flowers have started to bloom,
I hope you hear, the notes, on seeing you, that my heart strikes,
The distance from you is like, I am impaled alive on a pike,

The thing that I miss the most, when you are away,
Is how to flutter of your eyes my heart would sway,
The thing I miss is the music of your laughter, the tune of your voice,
You ask, how I lost my heart, it's funny if you think I ever had a choice,

The long raven locks, accompanied by sparkling green eyes,
With the face of an angel, and the knowledge of an old man wise,
The curve of your smile revealing the pearly whites,
The three magical words from you, can turn every wrong right,

Every night I see a dream, that from reality is far by miles,
I see you in a dazzling white dress, walking down the isle,
Even from this distance i would see your eyes giving a light sheen,
And so would ring, the music of love, a music most serene.....


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