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Must Read,About Life

Updated on December 9, 2011


They say, Wind blows and take away the sand,

And people are destined to be the salve of the grind.


I've seen castles made out of sand,

Met people who believe destiny is engraved on the palm of their hands.

They say, it's hard to crush someone's faith,

And love will never fall in love with hate.


I've seen people change their faith,

Experienced love change into hate.

They say, money can't but love,

And it's the same inside out,


I've seen love sold for money,

People who are devastated inside but outside they are funny.

They say, love is just a game,

And money helps people to achieve the fame.


I've seen the Unicorn fell in love with the toad,

People who owned the city have now hit the road.

They say, the unexpected will never happen,

And you will shine when you become perfect.


I 've learned to expect the unexpected,

Perfection doesn't exist, we all are defected.

They say, don't cry, have patience,

And everything will be fine, its just a matter of some time,


Everyone cries, some just hide their tears,

And Coal turns into diamond over a thousand years.


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    • profile image

      stranger 5 years ago

      If keep yourself protected from pain

      You can never fall in love!

      Same way if you keep your walls high and rigid

      You can never rise in faith. :-)

    • profile image

      last words 5 years ago

      Tats good to know . .

      One thing I forgot to mention. . Pick books you read on religion wisely. As your knowledge to satan and stuff is subjective.

      I would suggest you to pick a quran in english and understand it den read bhagwad gita likewise. .

      You know I can term your condition in one word. Its JEHAD!

      A struggle within to find God -jehad. .

      I know the right meaning Because I have read quran not by watching al jazeera or reading news paper or some author!You probably know another mean of jehad just because your knowledge is influenced. But I feel when I m capable to acquire knowledge by myself den why follow anyone else! So please read for yourself from a proper source!:-)

    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 5 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 5 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      I don't follow anyone. I have learnt about life mostly by myself by seeing the surroundings .. I have made my own beliefs.. I don't take a shit from anyone just like that.. And I am trying and eager to discover something new every moment....

    • profile image

      stranger saying good bye 5 years ago

      Just because some fuckin idiots don know religion doesnt mean you should not learn and acknowledge whatsoever right in religion . Moreover God is say. . Not believe in religion is something else. I don mind but not believing the existence of God is something tat bothers me. . Its surrender ! And its take real faith , hope and love to do so.

      And since when your life should be a comparison of others.

      You love your girlfriend it doesnt mean every man should . Same way if some people are bloody clueless bout wat God really is den should you follow tat ? Ask yourself!

      You are a walking contradiction for me. You need to dig really deep you know wat is tat essence of life truely . And I wish and pray , one day you shall. .

      Tip for life- learn by yourself. . Not by others.

      Make your own believes not take others.

      Just don stop yourself from discovering just because someone else discovered shit at same place. Who knows wat capacity lies in you . . You just might discover something special.

      Take care :-)

      Have a happy life. Stay blessed!:-)

      And ya I heard wordpress gives real good money on every hit . So try tat :-)

    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 5 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      Balanced nature comes from something else...Complex physio-chemical and biochemical reactions and phenomenons..

      Your point - If man ban something then it doesn't mean god did it..

      My point - These people, who worship god, don't have sense of morality, judgement. Even after worshiping god, they don't know what's right and what's wrong. They kill in the name of religion and god (that sucks).. In that case, instead of hiding, why doesn't god come out and teach his pupils some good lessons??

    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 5 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      Ya I love my i pod, motorbike, camera, gf, and family...they must me my god then....Ya my hub page is monetised...I have 6800 views till but still i didn't made much money...Just 1$ till now...:P

    • profile image

      doctor 5 years ago

      Btw is your hub page, monetised??

      If yes .. . Den I guess I deserve some share .

      I have increased your hits of page too much I guess.!


    • profile image

      doctor 5 years ago

      You still not understandin.

      If man bans something it doesnt mean god did it.

      Balanced nature came in existence due to GOD only . . Now if god had to control everyone's deeds den just imagine why will god give anyone soul , heart and brain. Why the whole cycle of birth and death. . ? Why ?

      And yes I know what is required to make a baby . Its not sperm and eggs . Its fertile egg and sperm. . And why god give a unhealthy baby or dead ones . . Tat answer lies with God . If I knew everything . . Probably you would have been worshiping me. .

      If love someone you put a kind of faith in them . They hurt you . . They make you cry. But you still not stop loving them. .

      So if you love .. . You believe in god. .

      For me its as simple as tat. Logical and irrational. Not inspired by any books , priest or science. A simple fact experienced by me. Tats all I can.

    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 5 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      I believe in the balance theory as well... It's nature who balances!!!

      Definitely Satan is the product of God. Satan is defined as a ummm guy who refused to worship God. Dig into the history and you will come to know how the word satan arise. And check for the pentagram symbol too and try to find out how satan's face was engraved in it..During the dark ages, the scientists used the pentagram symbol i.e. a circle with an inverted star. They used this as a code b'caz the church used to kill scientists if they came up with something which was against bible. When the priests found out about the pentagram, they engraved satan's face in it and told people that the scientists are evil!!! What do you want to say about this??? Why was the god scared of scientists and told the church to ban them??

      No fuckin science can give a woman a baby unless God say "shall be"...Its more like a joke.. You are a doctor. You should better know that to have a baby you need a sperm and an ovum. Suppose a woman comes to find out after 3 months that there is some complication in her pregnancy and then she starts praying to god 24*7. And after 9 months, a dead baby comes out. Why didn't the god said "shall be" and made everything perfect? B'caz there is nothing as such called god

      And believe me, I have read most of the religious books i.e Gita, Quran, Bible, Confucism, Buddhism!!!!

    • profile image

      known stranger;-) 5 years ago

      God has done enough for mankind. . But fault is in man who ruined mankind!

      Everything in this world is A BALANCE THEORY!

      Only good or only bad cant exist. So there is all sides. And SATAN is a God 's product too. Now you want to be more towards good or evil. You decide!

      And this wat is journey of life . Its purpose. Otherwise wat is the whole point in life and death.

      And why is it important to see god to believe in him. Have you seen love , happiness . . All the great things in life can only be felt . . Not seen.

      M sure you wont say you have seen love . And its your girlfriend's kiss. Sure it is . But just an act which leaves a feeling of love . But love as in whole can only be felt.

      Keep an open mind and think bout these things. You 'll surely see a change. .

      God is bout able and willing. .

      As a fact -life and death.

      No fuckin science can give a woman a baby unless God say "shall be" and no fuckin science can prevent death if god says "so be it"

      And this cant be argued . . Its a pure fact.

      If someone is a victim of some injustice or crime , it will be served . Where and how tats I donno. But I know only when you surrender yourself wit 100% faith tat yes it will be served. Wit even one percent doubt , you doubting your faith and believe and when you yourself is not 100% sure of justice why would anyone else.

      Hope I made some points and you getting me. It gets difficult to type every thought and righteously explaining it. :-P

      I donno how much have you read the religious books . I guess none. But I have bhagwad gita and holy quran. . I wont go in details of books as you havent read so we wont be able to discuss.

      But you will be surprise to know you pick any quran from any part of world , it'll be same word to word comma to comma.

      Tat precisely its preserved . Do you think its in human capacity to monitor tat. ?

    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 5 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      That's the difference b/w an atheist and a theist...

      What I was saying is that when "GOD" sees these kind of things happening, why doesn't he try to stop it. Doesn't he loves people??

      An atheist will use his rational thinking powers to analyse everything and a theist will try to defend his thinking... There's nothing wrong with it b'caz whatever you write, I will come up with a better idea and then again you will try to defend your idea...

    • profile image

      stranger 5 years ago

      Firstly why is my name important?does it make any difference . Hell NO!

      As here we are sharing views in a mature fashion . Tats important.

      You havent understood the concept of god. .

      There is some super power which has control over science(which you believe in) and every damn existence. M sure you not denying tat. As it a fact. Something cant be explained by science or logic .

      Secondly . . Understand the creation, creator and usage relationship. You created a Pen .now someone uses tat pen to lick instead to write. Its not mistake of pen or creator!

      Similar God created wit you giving you life and certain powers. Now with tat life and power if you rape den its not God 's mistake. Its yours. God gave you brain and heart to judge and live . Now which route you choose will decide your destination. . And tats how you'll be reward. Simple.

      You study whole year and the end of year you rewards. Or say you start assembling words and at the end you get the reward-in form of poetry !

    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 5 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      Hi stranger, this time I could have replied by writing your name b'caz based on my studies and the facts that I have gathered, I am 90% sure who you are!!!! Ok I have a reply to your answer and i would love to start woth this famous quote from Epicurus

      Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?

      Then he is not omnipotent.

      Is he able, but not willing?

      Then he is malevolent.

      Is he both able and willing?

      Then whence cometh evil?

      Is he neither able nor willing?

      Then why call him God?"

      - Epicurus

      You are right when you say that parents have control over their child. Yes, indeed it's true. Atleast in my case.

      BUut not god b'caz he doesn't exist. And if someday a theist comes and says that he has seen god is sure about where he lives so that anyone mortal can go and visit him, then I will be the 1st to visit him and kill him for what he has done to mankind....People dying in the name for him, rape, murder, corruption and in 90% of the cases the accused remains safe. Poor people living in inhuman conditions, their children have nothing to eat, killing of female fetus and children. I mean what the fuck is god doing for the people who worship them?? Enjoying the praise??

    • profile image

      stranger 5 years ago

      Same here. Being a man , you didnt get offended with points. And I appreciate tat. Most men I know take it on ego and it is very silly. So glad to see you all confident and composed:-)

      Sure will be waiting for your new stuff. .

      But big bang theory is not completely explained . Its an assumption theory . .

      And God has power over humans anyways . Like your parents have on you. Just for fact you came into existence through them. !

      Don't you wonder sometime ,

      why are we born and den we die.

      Some live miserable life,

      Some hi-fi!

      Why ?

      Wat really is the purpose . .

      Wat really is this cycle of life death all bout. . .

      I do wonder!

      But haven't found the answer yet!

    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 5 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      And yeah, your poem is nice as well....I will write some more after my exams....It's nice to interact with you...Especially about theism v/s atheism debates

    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 5 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      well I know how Nature came into existence... Big bang theory...Complex biochemical reactions and physics..And other countless phenomenons...

      And I will tell you how god came in to existence...Some mean men wanted to control the mass of humans..Made an illusionary object called god and religion...They made it to scare people and to control them!!! That's what I can tell

    • profile image

      stranger 5 years ago

      Minor errors-

      1) "I" before YOUR and WRITER should be excluded!

      2) I m not trying to make you a priest (not atheist)


    • profile image

      strang-e-fied 5 years ago

      For your rights , few fight!

      For your safety , I secure justice!

      For your love, prayers are answered!

      For your life, someone had to die!

      If I only knew then,

      You don't believe in "SUNSHINE"!

      I would have made you, SUN ,

      Burning in its OWN LIGHT!

      (my words my way)

      Hope I impressed you ;-)

    • profile image

      stranger 5 years ago

      My name doesn't define me . My words do . And they are there and clear!:-)

      How did nature came in existence!?

      My great friend once told me , question each answer backwards and at the end you 'll have no answer and tats the point where God exist!

      For eg- how babies come ? Answer pregnancy!

      Backward question - how pregnancy happens?

      And so on. .

      You'll end up in GOD :-)

      I m not making you an atheist here but I your writing doesnt reflect your believe . Doesnt show you!on contrary its opposite of your believes. And I writer who is detached from his word is a dead writer.

      Its just my point of view. .

      So just shared as only a writer can really respect views :-)

    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 5 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      i dont believe in god but nature.....yes i am ignorant...and i strongly reject the existence of god....

      thanks for appreciation and leaving a message... do share your writings...and if possible, write your name from the next time...

    • profile image

      stranger 5 years ago

      BTW your writing is deep. Appreciate it !

      I read few hub pages of yours. Liked it !

      I say so as I sometime write too ! And it felt inspiring to read your thoughts in words!:-)

    • profile image

      stranger 5 years ago

      It surprises me to see a non believer of god looking into Life with such a view point.

      Your above words are reflection of the fact there is a supreme control over everyone tat is nothing but GOD albeit called in different names and forms but I believe its One!

      Either your believe is false or your above words are ! Or may be your just ignorant!

    • profile image

      rosa 5 years ago

      nice.. bt 1 thing.. love cn nvr change in hate.. n if it does it wsnt love

    • profile image

      achyut 6 years ago

      gd one...