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My First Confessions

Updated on March 22, 2013

Hear me as I roar confessions
I order you to pay attention
With doubt in mind I herestay after
Take my words avert vain laughter
For I am not alone

In cold blood I cursed his soul
I had his innocence under control
With words they drove a blade through me
I won the bids upon my bully
He never returned home

I had played rot tricks on minds
Twisting truths and telling lies
I felt my world within my palms
Lost control when I wanted no more
I have forgotten the past

I grew in faith but questioned all
I learned the ways of the Hall
There's not a day that I don't pray
Whilst the dark ones I still let stay
Forever, nothing does last

As children we grew too fast
Our bit of innocence leaped to sass
As respect was much required
That last generation is now expired
There's plenty more to say

That's but a few with more to come
Confessions lying behind my fun
If you want more, then soon you'll see
From another, one of these, written by me
It's never too late

© 2013 Brandon Jared Martin


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