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My 1st Poem that I have ever written at the beginning of my depression

Updated on September 16, 2016

Taller Than Mount Everest

Why, must this climb be so hard at times.

I would love to get in a cannon and just shoot to the horizons

The elders told me its not easy

So I brought someone special along with me

We choose this climb, We said we will take this challenge head on

I stumbled, she helped, She slipped I helped, not once we aparted

With a Promise to each other that no matter how high this mountain was, we won’t depart

We didn’t listen to the elders, they warned us about the dangers that comes with this march

But we were young, dumb and ambitious with fire in our full hearts

We headed up not looking back, only of the dream of making it to the top

Closer and Closer we would be to approach the height of this giant rock

And prove the elders wrong about us adolescents

Some days I felt like I was right there just outside the fence

Days were harder than others, But climb is what we must do

No matter the obstacles, at the end of the day, we always would say “I Do”

Then the dark clouds came; rain started to come down and pour

Our hands got wet and slippery down to our pores

Losing the grips of each of our locked twenty fingers

Not together made the climb feel like a cold winter

We were not prepared for this storm, slips turned into falls, falls turned into scars

WIth both of us forgetting how to heal each other, and motivate to keep wanting more

To eventually one of us thought we could get up the mountain faster without the other

When both of us lost sight why we even choose to ascend this giant mountain

But it was never about getting to the peak, but enjoying the adventure on the way to the top

This is still the same mountain that we’ve been facing nothing has swapped

So please bring your 10 fingers to mine so we can interlock

And make this climb easy again for us and make it back to the top

Mt. Everest
Mt. Everest


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