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My favorite books about WWI and WWII

Updated on February 14, 2013

So many books have been written about World War 1 and World War 2, two of the biggest things that ever happened in newer history.
There is fiction books, non-fiction books and personal memoirs. Funny books and serious books, and a lot of sad books that make you happy about the fact that you were never there to witness the wars.
But even though it can be a hard topic to read about, it is also an important topic.
So this is my favorite books about WWI and WWII.


1. The book thief – Markus Zusak
A young girl, living just outside of Munich, Germany, suffers through WWII.
She finds a big love in books, and start stealing them, to fill the war-shaped void in her heart.
This novel is narrated by “death”, which is what makes it special and interesting.

2. Diary of a young girl – Anne Frank
This is probably one of the most well known WWII books.
The 13 year old jewish Anne and her parents, are forced to fled from their house in The Netherlands and go into hiding. The next 2 years are spent in hiding, with only Anne’s diary to tell the tale of what happened in the house, before the fatal day when Gestapo came and found them.

3. All quiet on the western front – Erich Maria Remarque
He is a soldier. It is the first world war.
Stuck in the german army he lives through bombardments, love, and death of people he have near. And with the war getting worse and worse every year, he has only one goal:
To get out of there alive.

4. Night – Elie Wiesel
A young Romanian jewish boy and his family, is sent to concentration camps.
Removed from his sisters and his mom, he and his father suffers through stuff that is hardly possible to understand and comprehend.
It is a hard read, and it can feel very graphic, but it is also a very important read, to understand and feel what happened in the darkest corners of the WWII.

Have you read any of these books?

Which one is your favorite?

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    • ct92 profile image

      5 years ago from Denmark

      Thanks for commenting on my hub! I can really recommend the two other books too, they are grand :)

    • JessBraz profile image

      JessBraz 5 years ago from Canada

      Hey thanks for stopping by to read my hub about the best websites for booklovers! I really enjoyed this hub. I've read two out of your four recommendations (All is Quiet and Anne Frank) Night & The Book Theif are both on my list of 'to-read' books... Just haven't gotten around to it yet.. Soooo many books, not enough time :)

      Good job!