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My Academic Success and Ethics

Updated on May 3, 2017

Reaching Graduation

Academic Success and Encouragements

Being the first of my siblings to graduate with a college degree is important to me and I want to be able to prove to my children that it is possible achieve your dreams if you stay focused on the main goal. Throughout this course, we have been learning about our learning styles. While learning each of our individual styles we get to figure out what sets us apart from those who are around us. A couple of learning styles that I have found about me is that I am a visual and audio learner.

As a visual learner, I have discovered that I need to be able to see the material that I am working with so that I am able to understand. I need to be able to read from the textbook to understand what needs to be done on the worksheets or assignments that are assigned. Being a visual learner sometimes can be difficult when you consider that the fact that visual aids of learning are not always an option for learning. However, a suitable alternative to being a visual learner is being an audio learner. Being an audio learner entails being able to hear a video that helps explains the material that is being taught. Being able to communicate verbally with other students who understand the materials that are being taught within the classroom. However, being an audio leaner in an online classroom where there is no audio interaction with the instructor or the classmates can be difficult at times.

By knowing the individual learning style that works for me I will be able to do what works for me best to make sure that I am to study and do the assignments to the best of my ability and pass the class. Knowing how I learn helps me know what I can do to help myself learn. When I know how I understand, I can learn to the best of my ability. I can learn and understand what I need to the way I need to.

Once you know the proper way to write and the steps to take follow when writing your essays and final papers you should be ok. The steps of a correct writing process are as follows: Prewriting, Writing, Revision, Editing, and finally Submission. So, with each of these steps you should understand what needs to be done to your paper. With me understand of the correct writing process it makes it where I now hold a better understanding for how to write my papers.

I also know that my ethical lens plays in with the way that I learn. I have the free will to learn at the pace that I choose to learn at and that works for me. It also makes things for me, because it fits into my schedule the way that I need it to. But also, knowing that I have these skills means that I will need to continuously improve how I learn and what I do to understand what I am learning.

Having access to the proper resources that we have in the school library are also an amazing help. They give us access to the Center for writing excellence which gives of access to spellcheckers and grammar checkers. It also gives us access to plagiarism checkers. Having the resources that we have that are provided by the university library we have no reason to turn in a paper that is not decently written. Our resources provided through the university are limitless.

What is academic integrity? Academic integrity is the values and ethical principles of which the university exists. Being aware of the moral codes that the University of Phoenix has set in place for it students will help you to succeed a lot easier. Plus, knowing whether your own ethical principles matches those of the college will help you to reach your end goal a lot quicker with out to many stumbling blocks being placed into your path that are unnecessary. You must be mindful of the academic integrity of the university and the things that you are doing yourself and whether what you are doing could possibly reflect in a bad way on yourself and the university. This should be what you ask yourself each time you contemplate doing something you know you shouldn’t do. Like cut a corner on a paper because you are rush for time at the last minute or something of a similar nature.

I can understand being rushed for time and wanting to cut corners or maybe ask a friend if you just borrow what they have and turn that in. That however is never the right thing they do. In my research, I have learned that the higher you get in your education the less you focused some become on their work. Like one article I found at ScienceDirect states that the direct study focused on academic success and of the first year of post-secondary study, in which it is predicted that the GPAs of successful first year students are significantly higher than the GPAs of unsuccessful first year students.

With that being the case it leaves it to be considered a possibility that maybe we have an unrealistic goal for our young people academically. When our young people feel pressured they feel overwhelmed. Honestly, even the returning older generation that step back into the classroom after being in the workforce for many years or being home makers and not knowing anything other than that. I found an article during my research on a site called The International Journal Scholarship of Teaching and Learning which states a small minority of students improve in accuracy and exam performance over the year, offering a potentially useful source of comparison for addressing unrealistic optimism. Which leaves what I said about holding to high the goals for the new students when they are just starting out. Although some of the courses are known to emphasize the self-awareness of student it still may not always be possible for the student to succeed.

There are no real secrets to being academically successful. You just have to work hard daily and make sure you always do all of your classwork on time. Participation is always a good thing to make sure that you have a lock on as well. If you follow the rules and do your work like you are supposed to you can pass pretty easily. Like the other article that I found in the ScienceDirect which talks about the variables selected for the study to determine that all this include, but was not limited to attitude towards school. Enjoyment, learning strategies, reading habits, and reading strategies. So, anything is possible with the right techniques and skills used to reach the goals that you wish to reach.

The definition of critical thinking is the evaluation of a to form an idea of the issue at hand. My blind spot is my gift of want to help everyone and unless I stop that I will one day end up helping the wrong person and ending getting hurt in a bad way. I am a very helpful person and a very open person and sometimes that can be an undesirable thing I suppose, but honestly, I have never met an enemy. I make friends very easily. I suppose I should be more careful of who I talk to and I how go about things before I end up hurt.

Success it won't happen without U

Ten Steps to Academic Success


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