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My Amanda

Updated on July 16, 2015

The Introduction

The greatest treasure anyone must seek to have is love. Love is ineffective if there is no one to be shared with. I have been in and out of love and do understand the nook and crannies of it. Love is a wonderful piece which when shared by two people, creates a chain reaction of magical moments.

Everyone human being must experience it. Anyone who does not love is certainly lonely. Loneliness kills faster than any disease one can imagine. When you find a loved one, it is necessary not to hide your feelings but to express it. Expressing love can be done privately or publicly but, expressing it openly is often rewarding.

This is because when love is expressed openly, it projects both parties to the level of brief royalty and instantly wins the admiration of onlookers. I am a big fan of expressing love for a loved one openly and that is my reason for choosing this platform to tell you about my loved one, Amanda.


1. Amanda, my Amanda of wonder,

Sweet thunder of a name,

A well crafted edifice of flesh,

The best among the rest of your kind,

First on my list of lust.

2. I will trade all my precious stones,

To achieve a milestone,

In the quest of having you,

And the chance of serving you,

And loving you the best way i can.

3. Give me the chance to sing for you,

Give me the nod to dance for you,

I will break a boulder with my head,

If that will please you the most,

Though i survive it not.

4. My praise nothings are for real,

Love without trust is vague,

Heart-break is far off,

Does it even exist in life,

As i am with you.

5. I do not ask for your soul,

I do not ask for your wealth,

Please, give me your heart,

And my edifice of lust,

Amanda, my Amanda, you are safe with me.

The Discussion

Stanza 1

The writer portrays how obsessed he is with this loved one. He describes how feels by the hearing of her name as well as how the name sounds in his ears. He then showers praises on the appearance of her physique and makes it clear that she is his top-most priority.

Stanza 2

If need be that goes to moon to appease her, he certainly would. If need be that he trades his soul to have her by his side, he certainly would. It is worth doing the unthinkable or the unheard of, just to win her over.


The writer is desperately doing his best to win her over and assures her loyalty and entertainment if only she would give him the chance to prove himself.

Stanza 4

He promises never to hurt her but would rather be by her side through thick and thin. The writer is madly in love with this lady would certainly go an extra mile to win her.

Stanza 5

The writer gives an indication of her status. She is probably from a rich home. It could also mean that she is a rich woman and lacks nothing in terms of material things. The writer declares his stand as he not being a gold digger but rather a true lover. He also shows how much he yearns to make love to her body.


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