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The Dance On Our Anniversary Night

Updated on August 25, 2011

Candle light has lit
Moon light start to glow
Food has already cook
Music played so slow

Just me and him together
Holding each other hands…
Enjoying this romantic dinner
At our place called home…

We had a sip of grape wine…
As the jazz music plays
Enjoying our nightly dinner
Just me and him that day...

We finished up our dinner
And dance to the music
Wrapping his arm around me
And slowly we dance…

Twirling around the room
Each step we glance and smile
Looking into each other eyes
Full of passion and desire…

He press me against him
I can feel his body touched mine
While we dance to a romantic music that night…

He then stroke my hair
And kiss my lip
Than whisper to my ear
“I love you dear”

I soon start to smile
I say I love him too
Continue we dance to the music
The music in the tune..

Tonight was a romantic night
A night to be remembered
A night of our six year anniversary
Of me and him together!


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