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My Autumn Love: A Series Short

Updated on March 10, 2018
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

The sun rises on a new life ...
The sun rises on a new life ...


Let’s take another look at writing the series short. This one is about a beautiful middle-aged woman who finds herself faced with two major upheavals in her life: Empty Nest Syndrome and Mid-life Crisis. Brijèt Hathaway is a world-class writer who discovers that changes can not only be necessary but desirable as well. Follow this new mini-series as Brijèt discovers that menopause not only means the end of a stage of life but the beginning of something completely new—mature love!

How it begins ...

Fifteen years pass quickly.

Mid-life Crisis! The terminology slices like a knife. Brijèt has heard that phrase just one time too many. And just how is she supposed to act? Is there a guide book that is applicable to all women facing this so-called crisis? And where in this book does it state you must face it all alone?

Brijèt never imagined that things would end this way. When she married Joe, she thought this was just the beginning of a long-lasting love. When the kids came; she felt that their appearance only solidified the marriage. It didn’t. It only made it all too clear that Joe was a dyed-in-the-wool male chauvinist and nothing would ever change him.

The twins are now twenty years old and preparing to leave for medical school after maintaining a 4.0 average in undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois. Mackenzie wants to be a Gastroenterologist while Madison wants to be a Cardiovascular Specialist. Both girls have witnessed their mother’s struggles and want to do their parts in helping to alleviate her pain.

Brijèt is very happy for both her daughters who never lacked for anything. They are slightly spoiled; however, they both love their mother and father and understand their mother’s need to be creative.

A concerned and thoughtful daughter ...
A concerned and thoughtful daughter ...

“Mom, I am so proud of your accomplishments.” Mackenzie says the day before they are to leave for the David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA.

“Yes, I am proud, too. It couldn’t have been easy raising two rambunctious daughters; especially, one that would rather wear jeans than satin.” Madison says laughing at her still tom boyish sister.

“Well everyone can’t be little Miss Satin & Lace, can they?” Mackenzie says enjoying the merriment.

Mackenzie knows that after they leave; their mother will be all alone. Brijèt’s relationship with Gene Broadnax didn’t work out. Gene’s second stroke forced him to leave the area and live with children from his first wife.

“Seeing dad move on to marry Lynda must have hurt. I hate to admit it but she really is a nice lady.” Madison adds ignoring Mackenzie’s comments about being Miss Satin & Lace.

“Mom’s prettier and smarter than Lynda.” Mackenzie chimes.

“No one doubts that, Mack. I’m just saying it can’t have been easy for mom that’s all. I’m concern about you mom.” Madison says.

“So am I mom—you will be alone when we leave.” Mackenzie embraces her mother.

“I appreciate what you girls are saying; your mother will be fine.” Brijèt says trying to fringe a carefree attitude.

“At least you’re not like grandmother. You said she cried the entire week before you left.” Madison giggles.

“Now that was a scene.” Brijèt says enjoying her time with her daughters. She too realizes that it will be a very lonely experience once they are gone.

Everyone needs a change ...
Everyone needs a change ...

“What do you say we rent a boat at the marina and go sailing?” Mackenzie asks.

“That would be great!” Brijèt and Madison say in unison.

As soon as the trio arrives at Mel’s Marino they see Joe’s yacht The Discoverer 2. It is a beautiful ocean craft with comfortable living accommodations.

“Look there’s The Discoverer 2!” Madison says not thinking, “I wonder if dad and Lynda are on board.”

“It looks deserted. Maddie let’s forget about dad and Lynda for now. Let’s enjoy our outing with mom.” Mackenzie quickly rescues the moment.

The rest of the evening is spent doing all the things they have come to enjoy: boating and visiting the park where the girls spent many childhood moments.

Brijèt laughs at the hilarious antics of Mackenzie and shakes her head at Madison when she tries to temper her precocious sister’s behavior.

“Mackenzie, you don’t want momma to worry that you will break something while we are away, do you? Come down out of that tree! You aren’t five years old.” Madison says shaking her head.

“That wasn’t a very good year, Maddie.” Mackenzie corrects her sister.

Then Madison thinks back to the divorce of her parents. She knows that parents underestimate the ability of their children to understand important issues.

“I’m so sorry, mom.” Madison says hugging her mother.

“I’m sorry, too mom.” Mackenzie climbs down from the tree and hugs her mother as well. Brijèt stands there trying very hard not to cry.

To be continued ...

© 2017 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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    • Jacqueline4390 profile image

      Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 10 months ago from Memphis

      Writing a Series Short is like putting together small bites of a novel or novella and making it enjoyable to read. The "ending" in each segment should leave the reader with a desire to want to know what will happen next.