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On Writing Poetry For The Market

Updated on September 15, 2014

Dear Friend,

Mary B,, a good friend of mine, likes a poem I wrote and said she wishes she could write poetry, so I tried to clue her in.. How did I do, yon poets out there? Your advise in the comments section is very welcome. Lets get my friend started off right. I bet she has a lot of beautiful things to say. She''s alright....

My Notes To Mary

Just speak your heart, Mary B. Really, just speak your heart. Use a little simile, metaphor and the like. You know them from English class. Conceive vivid imagery. Lay heavily into contrast, most of all. .But there's more....

How To Be Relevant

Largely write it the way you would say it to a friend, or an acquaintance when appropriate. But mostly as to a friend. Are your friends elegant? Keep it simple, clear and classy. Or are they tougihs? Use the language of the street.That's your first draft. Then tweak it up. Is the audience for your topic executives or train yard laborers? Reflect their ways in your writing; your images and language. What is important to them, church or beer gardens, hot chicks or mama and the babies, for example? Do up a representative description of your readers; those who pursue your topic.-the market. What is their deepest fear? What are their wildest dreams? Use common phrases your audience can identify with. Draw comparisons from things familiar to them to make ideas, no matter how abstract, easy to grasp.

Those are the most important things when it comes to connecting with your.readers .The other important thing is getting your work to the right person.. Here is a quickie on the subject.

Getting Your Poems To The Right Hungry Poetry Lovers

Solo ads are dirt cheap paid traffic drivers, . One service, 10 Dollar Solo Ads gives up to 6000 clicks for ten dollars a week for 30 days-it comes to $40 for the ticket. You target your audience by title of your ad. It can be a tremendous value. Yuur title might be "Best Poem On Patriotism", for example

Bring them to your web site in that way. Let them sample your stuff. Have a sign up page for those who want to be notified of your coming stuff as you write it. Those who sign up are your targeted audience. Also try offering them a free "best of" collection of your poems for subscribing. With an auto-responder like you can send subscribers notices and other content to their email Inboxes automatically and as wanted after they join. Mail Chimp is a free auto-responder, if you prefer. It is more than good enough.

You can also post your free offer's web address on free classified ad sites. Saves you some scratch. But here is more on relevance .

  • Visit forums that have to do with your topic.

  • Get acquainted.

  • Read posts to see what matters most to those who love the topic.

  • What questions do they have?

  • What advise do they offer?

  • What language do they express themselves in?

These are the important things you must know about your readers so you can write for them. Write their cares into your poems. Be The Peoples Poet! Whether your people are devils or Christians. That way your poetry is of value in some useful way to your favorite person, your adoring fan.

Thank You,

Wrath Warbone

P.S. Check the many free articles listed below for more on writing great poetry!


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    • Wrath Warbone profile image

      Terry Chestnutt 3 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

      Hey, Minnetonka Twin, that's tremendous! Thank you forever!

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 3 years ago from Minnesota

      I love your helpful and down to earth advice. It's simple to read and can help those that wish to write poetry, but are afraid to fail. It's also good for those of us that write poetry. I love reading what other poets think is important. sharing this hub.