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My Life's Bibliography : Books That Gave Real Purpose To My Life

Updated on November 12, 2012

"How many a man has dated a new era in his life from reading a book?”
Henry David Thoreau

There comes a stage in One's life when you realize that there's a lot more to life than just family , career , and marriage .How your life turns out depends more or less on what you do at that stage . Some would argue that its never too late to reclaim your life but there's a thing called perfect timing . Thanks to all the troubles and terrible experiences that left me in chaos about my life just at the right time . I tried to find solace in reading and that was the best thing i ever did for myself . I came out of it with real purpose and positive attitude towards life .

There were some very precious books that i read at that time that shaped my life and I am going to share best of them so they can help someone in his time of struggle .

Books that helped me reclaim my life

1> The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari : The Monk who sold his Ferrari is a life changing book . The book is about the journey of a high profile attorney Julian Mantle who has money , power and prestige but still he remains hungry for more . But when he suffers a heart attack , he takes a break . After selling all his possessions he disappears in search of the real purpose of life . After some exciting experiences he gets enlightened and return as a changed man . He passes this new-found knowledge to his friend and also the narrator of this book .

The core concepts of the book are the Seven Virtues of enlightened life which are :

- Master Your Mind

- Follow Your Purpose

- Practice Kaizen

- Live With Discipline

- Respect Your Time

- Selflessly Serve Others

- Embrace the Present

The book is a must read and i will recommend everyone to read it at least once .

2> Inspiring Thoughts by Rabindranath Tagore : The book is a selection of quotes by Nobel Prize Winner Rabindra Nath Tagore showing his wisdom, deep insight and sensitivity towards people and the world around him.

3> Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill : The book is one of the best works of the well known author Napoleon Hill . It talks about the new philosophy of enlightenment with practical applications of it . The book talks mainly about accumulating riches by setting goals and then using your whole energy to achieve them .

4> When Parents Hurt: Compassionate Strategies When You and Your Grown Child Don't Get Along : The book is about parents who are struggling with the heartache of having a troubled, angry child . This book can also be helpful for troubled children like me to understand the feelings of their parents and the hopes that they have from us .

5> Arsene Wenger The Biography : The book is an unofficial biography of Arsene Wenger who is one of the greatest manager in the history of football . As a football coach myself i always looked up to him for inspiration . Anyone who wants to achieve big in his respective field can learn a lot from the vision and the methods that the great man applied to achieve the his goals .

6> Researching Social Life : A very popular book by Nigel Gilbert gives insight of social life in a down-to-earth and unthreatening manner .

7 > A Book called Life : Its not really a title of any book but life is a book you always carry with yourself . A book full of practical examples written by the experiences and by reading it you can be your own teacher . All you need is to be conscious and ready enough to learn from everything that comes your way .


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