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Pet Peeves: What Drives Me Crazy!

Updated on April 22, 2012
Ask me about my twins, not how I had them!
Ask me about my twins, not how I had them! | Source

We All Have Them!

I don’t care how positive and upbeat you are, everyone has pet peeves. If I was asked, “What is your biggest pet peeve?”, you might be surprised at my answer. But like everyone, I have things that annoy me.

Enjoy my Top 5 Pet Peeves (Ranking 5 to 1)

The Trail of Clothes

The Trail of Clothes
The Trail of Clothes | Source

The Trail of Clothes

I am annoyed when you can tell what direction my kids went when they undressed. It is almost like their bodies dissolved and their clothes fell off while running. I have never said, “Please run and undress.” I don’t give my kids 3 seconds to change. I am confused as to why this has become a race resulting in the visual aftermath of clothing.

Why can’t you just change your clothes, pick them up, put them where dirty clothes go and carry on with your day?

Car Seats Removed!

Disaster in the Car
Disaster in the Car | Source

The Floor Of My Car Being Mistaken for a Trashcan

We are on the go and I let the kids take snacks ‘on the road’ as we call it. The obvious solution to this pet peeve would to simply ban snacks in the car. But, this is not going to happen.

We removed some car seats recently in order to use the van to move some large items. Under a car seat was a half-eaten hamburger. A few lone fries or perhaps a straw wrapper, I would expect. But seriously? A half-eaten hamburger physically under the car seat? Why was it not wrapped back up? Did you just drop it and forget it was in your hand? How did it find its way under a car seat? I did not administer carbon dating, but I wonder, Mr. Hamburger, how long have you been there?

I need to put my foot down on this one.

We have some work to do!

Unsolicited Advice and Personal Questions by Strangers

I am annoyed by unsolicited advice. While grocery shopping with small children, if you are expecting, you would be shocked at the advice offered by strangers.

“Do you know how that happens?”

“No, Strange man in the grocery store, please tell me!”

To these rhetorical questions, I just smile.

I am the youngest of 9. I asked my Mom once about this topic. She said smiling, “Honey, you will be amazed at what people will say to you.” She is too kind.

I have 2 sets of twins. This is not top secret. I do not hide this fact. What I do not enjoy are people I don’t know asking me if they are natural.

“Are your twins natural?”

I love this question. It is my favorite because it is none of their business. No one has ever asked me if my 5th child was natural. Trust me on this one!

Ask any twin or multiple mom. We don’t understand the reason for the question or what justification may result from the answer. Do Moms who have twins with help ‘deserve the extra work’? Do Moms who have twins without help deserve more credit? I never understand the purpose of the question. It might be idle chit chat. Some people are limited with coming up with unique thoughts.

But to people I know well, I will answer their question.

To those I do not know, my most common answer to my favorite question, “Are your twins natural?” is, “As opposed to artificial?”

They look as confused as I am annoyed.

You Are A Single Mom!

I am not a single mom. I have a husband and we have been happily married for 9 years. When my husband travels, which has been often in the last few years, people comment that I am a single mom. This is not a mean comment and trust me, I know this. But I do think it takes away from my husband and true single moms.

My husband has not abandoned me and I am left with the kids. He is working hard and advancing his career and I am a stay at home mom. We shook on this and we are fine with the arrangement. We have agreed that his current role is wonderful for him, despite his increased travel. His income, possibly as a result of increased travel, allows me to stay home with our children.

I know some full time single moms. True single moms have to do it all. I am not juggling a job, finances and child care on top of being exhausted caring for a family. Single Moms are on point for everything. I am just doing the same thing as I normally do except for when the kids are in bed, the TV is all mine and no one wakes me up snoring! I kind of like that from time to time.

The true single mom is the ones with her hands full. Not me!

Just Do It!

Put the Carts Back...Just Do it!
Put the Carts Back...Just Do it! | Source

My Biggest Pet Peeve Of All!

This might surprise you but this has been my biggest pet peeve for years. I don’t understand why people can’t put their grocery cart back. I have seen a grocery cart literally feet from the cart corral. When the wind picks up or storms roll in, these become death on wheels.

Have you seen the speed in which a cart can roll or fly when the wind starts blowing?

And when do they stop?

They stop when they run into a curb, fingers crossed, or in most cases a car.

I Googled “grocery carts and property damage”. You will be making your own insurance claim if your car is attacked by a cart. You are assuming all liability by parking in the lot.

I have 5 small children and I always return my cart. I have people say they can’t return it because of the small kids. I say to them, “Plan ahead!” Park next to the corral! Drive until you find a close spot to the corral. This might result in more walking, but it will be ok. What is not ok is an unnecessary fender bender with the renegade grocery cart!

Aldi is really onto something. You put .25 to unlock your cart from just outside the store. You get your .25 back when you return your cart. Only in this lot do I see friendly faces exchanging quarters for carts in the parking lot. I have never seen a cart just sitting in this lot. What an amazingly simple, yet effective concept.

Enough Complaining Already!

So, like everyone in the world, I have pet peeves. I do consider myself positive in general. I am a half full kind of gal. For this reason, I don’t generally seem stressed out. My pet peeves aren’t major things. They are just things that get my goat from time to time.

I have 5 great kids and a wonderful husband. I like to think about those 99% of the time. But there are those occasions when my pet peeves stick their heads out and I am reminded that they exist. Sometimes I have to laugh because what annoys me most involve my kids being kids or people not really thinking before they speak.

And for my latter and biggest pet peeve, I will put your cart back today, but please try to do it yourself next time!

© 2012 Karen Lackey


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    • twinstimes2 profile imageAUTHOR

      Karen Lackey 

      6 years ago from Ohio

      I guess I am just allowing the ideas to flow at this point and writing them far so good! Thanks, Joaniebaby, for taking the time to read another one of my hubs.

    • joaniebaby profile image


      6 years ago

      It boggles my mind how you can find time to write so many interesting, funny, informative Hubs with your busy family. Keep up the good work. In two months you have gained a wonderful following which proves how great your writing is.


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