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My Book Collection

Updated on October 3, 2014

A Tour Of All My Books

I'm making this page about my book collection because it seems like a good idea. I've been able to read since I was 4 years old, and I still love it today. So, on this lens, you'll see every book I own. Enjoy!

I'll have my books listed by Softcover, Hardcover, and Textbooks. Under each list there will be a shopping module from both Amazon and E-bay. That way, you can go find your own books that you find interesting in my collection.

What I Like To Read

My favorite author is Stephen King, but I also like to read Sci-Fi books. I even have a few adventure stories in my collection. Even though I'm female, I'm not into the romance books. I have a few historical romances that I like, but you won't find my name on any romance book club list.

These Are My Softcovers

1. Wiccan Magic, 2. Spirit Animal Helpers, 3. Illustrated Dream Guide, 4. The Complete Book Of Astrology, 5. The Sharing, 6. The Searing, 7. Island At The Top Of The World, 8. The Lost World, 9. Pain, 10. Mutation, 11. The Flame And the Flower, 12. Dark Fires, 13. Sweet Savage Love, 14. How To Win Friends And Influence People, 15. Demons Don't Dream, 16. Interview With The Vampire, 17. Carnival, 18. Grease, 19. Sphinx, 20. Lightning Strikes, 21. The Empire Of The Ants, 22. Congo, 23. Prophecy, 24. Bloodsisters, 25. The Nest, 26. Hear The Children Calling, 27. Alive, 28. Shadows 4, 29. River God, 30. Creature, 31. Chromosone 6, 32. Children Of Dune, 33. Dune, 34. The Mummy, 35. Shogun, 36. Dune Messiah, 37. The Amityville Horror, 38. Contagion, 39. Body Language, 40. Brain Dead, 41. Nightmare, 42. Cats, 43. Four Past Midnight, 44. Gerald's Game, 45. Mystery, 46. The Tommyknockers, 47. The Dark Half, 48. The Drawing Of The Three, 49. Rose Madder, 50. The Talisman, 51. The Eyes Of The Dragon, 52. Misery, 53. Night Shift, 54. The Stand, 55. Dolores Claiborne, 56. Desperation, 57. Wizard And Glass, 58. Insomnia, 59. Carrie, 60. Thinner, 61. The Shining, 62. Cujo, 63. The Dosadi Experiment, 64. Fallen Hearts, 65. Flowers In The Attic, 66. If There Be Thorns, 67. Seeds Of Yesterday, 68. Garden Of Shadows, 69. Petals On The Wind, 70. My Sweet Audrina, 71. It, 72. The Regulators, 73. Salem's Lot, 74. The Dead Zone, 75. Skeleton Crew, 76. Christine, 77. Different Seasons, 78. Needful Things, 79. All Things Wise And Wonderful, 80. The Lord God Made Them All, 81. California, 82. Washington, 83. Oregon, 84. Colorado, 85. Independence, 86. Nevada, 87. Texas, 88. Wyoming, 89. Montana, 90. Nebraska, 91. Dakota, 92. Acceptable Risk, 93. Chapterhouse Dune, 94. Bag Of Bones, 95. The Idiot's Guide To Tarot And Fortune-Telling, 96. Eddie Trunk's Essential Hard Rock And Heavy Metal

My Hardcover Books

Now, here's a list of my hardcover books.

1. Crimes And Punishment I, 2. Crimes And Punishment II, 3. Mysteries Of The Unexplained, 4. Mystic Places, 5. The Enchanted World, 6. Tales To Tremble By, 7. Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, 8. White Wolf (coffee table book), 9. All Creatures Great And Small/All Things Bright And Beautiful (2 books in one), 10. Outbreak, 11. Heidi, 12. Cell, 13. Duma Key, 14. Heretics Of Dune, 15. Pet Sematary, 16. Toxin, 17. 666, 18. God Emperor Of Dune, 19. The Exorcist, 20. The X Files: Ruins, 21. Under The Dome

My Textbooks

These are the books that I kept after I finished school. I thought I might need them for reference later.

1. Radiography For The Veterinary Technician, 2. Clinical Textbook For Veterinary Technicians, 3. Applied Pharmacology For The Veterinary Technician, 4. Basic Laboratory Techniques For Veterinary Technicians, 5. Manual Of Clinical Procedures In The Dog, Cat, And Rabbit, 6. Basic Medical Lab Techniques, 7. Pictoral Anatomy Of The Cat

My Recently Read Books - Working On Stephen King Right Now

Right now I'm reading Four Past Midnight. I recently finished Needful Things and Duma Key. I own the expanded edition of The Stand, and I've read it more than once.

Great Set Of Sci-Fi Books To Read

I also have Chapterhouse Dune and Heretics of Dune. I guess that means I have all the Dune books. They're a little heavy, but I enjoyed them immensely. If you're looking for light reading, you don't want to pick up one of these.

Great Adventure Series

This is a few of the Wagons West series that I have. At one time I had all of them, but I sold them. I'm actually looking to make the collection up again.

Great Series For Animal Lovers

I actually have all of the one set of these books. I love James Herriot. I zipped through the whole series in no time.

Great Medical Thrillers

These are a few of the Robin Cook novels. He's a doctor, so he writes like one. These are great books, but you have to be able to wade through the medical jargon.

Which Horror Writer Is Best?

I prefer Stephen King. I've read a few Clive Barker books, and he's just a little bit weird. Some of Stephen King's stories are weird too, but Clive Barker seems a little off.

Who's a better author?

My Last Words

I don't have as much time to read as I used to, but when I get the chance to, I take full advantage of it.

Fellow Readers, Comment

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    • siobhanryan profile image

      siobhanryan 5 years ago

      Great list of varied interests

    • profile image

      EbonyHaywood 8 years ago

      wow. i keep telling myself i have to try one stephen king novel. super lens!

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      great collection of books you have there. i can only imagine your bookselves.