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My Change Will Come (Parts 6,7,8 and 9)

Updated on October 14, 2012
Playful Rollie Pollie
Playful Rollie Pollie
working Ants
working Ants
Silly Junbug
Silly Junbug

Rollie Pollie

Excuse me ant why are you so in a hurry? Said Rollie pollie

I have no time to chat just as I told mouse I’m busy leading an army of workers.

Okay. I will ask JunBug.

JunBug where is Mrs. Caterpillar? We always play rolling around the yard. Have you seen her?

She is very busy lately. Talking about change she is getting. You know I can barely hold a coin. That stuff people carry around in their pockets. It must get really heavy.

That’s not what she is referring to. She will turn into a butterfly. She will be beautiful with the colors of the rainbow. She will not have to crawl anymore. She will fly.

Oh I will have to see that to believe it. You know something Rollie pollie you believe everything you hear. This yard is so full of stories. Like the lizard changing his color, the wasp having fire in his tail, the tadpole is a frog etc………

What is this world coming to?

Well she is my friend and I will miss her rolling around in the yard with me.

I can fly too Rollie pollie.

Yea Junbug, but you just fly around bumping your head into things and falling. What is that all about? We all are starting to believe you are crazy.

Now are you playing with me are not Junbug? I will have to go visit her later right now I want to play.

©06/07/10Sharon Smith6

Part 7

Hello it’s me your friend Rollie pollie.Hello come out it’s me .Oh my goodness she is gone inside. Mrs. Caterpillar youooo whooooo! I’ve come to see you.

I’m sorry you have missed her said spider. We have been watching her work and you playing. What did you expect she could not sit and wait on you?

She will be flying like me later said dragonfly. I can’t wait to see her all dressed up.

Yes I too said red bird she will be beautiful you all will see.

I will be watching because I believe in her change.

I have watched and seen a few put on their new look. Said spider

Spider I was telling Junbug while we played today and he said it is just a myth and a story.

Oh well that old junbug will see with his own two eyes If he hasn’t knocked his self blind by then.

Now all we have to do is wait to see what she will look like. She said beautiful. Beautiful was the song she sang through the day as she worked all day.

Rollie pollie she wonder why she had not seen you, why you had not visit. She just summed up that you may have been busy.

I’m here now spider I will stay here and wait with you dragonfly and Red Bird.

©06/07/10 SharonSmith7

Part 8

Good-morning squirrel I see you came back to the patio. Said spider

Oh I remember Mrs. Caterpillar’s change and thought I might sit and get the front row view. I brought along some snacks. I will just eat while we wait.

Everyone gathered around the fence.

Butterflies lined up on the gate.

The humming bird was just hovering over.

You mind if I watch this? Said Junbug, Nothing is going to happen but I will watch anyway. I have nothing else to do.

Soon it will be soon echoed the birds and crickets. Come all and see this magnificent wonder.

Rabbit hopped over with a piece of tender grass in her mouth. I want to see this as well.

I’m looking for some food said mouse but I have time for this.

Quite everyone said Rollie pollie.

Her she comes!

©06/07/10 Sharon Smith8

Part 9

The cocoon began to open as it hung from the vine.

Lizard ran up to it quickly.

Get away from there said red bird or I will chase you off the fence.

And just as he spoke she emerged from the cocoon flapping her wings.

Hello all my friends. Well how do I look? It was worth the time it took.

Junbug did as he always do he ran right into the fence and fell to the ground. Oh my goodness it is true. You have changed. I do believe it now.

Rollie pollie was so excited she kept turning over rolling up and laughing. It’s my friend she is so beautiful I told you.

She flapped her wings of the rainbow and swooped down on a flower close to the ground so Rollie pollie could get a good look at her.

Oh my goodness you are so beautiful, what should we call you now that you are no longer a caterpillar? Said rollie pollie

Just call me Beautiful, my name is Beautiful. As she blended in with the flowers.

I will be your friend forever Rollie pollie no matter how far I go away from the yard.

All the others just watched, and yelled she is beautiful just as she said.

Everything went quiet for a moment, and old doubting Junbug just laid there on his back passed out in amazement. He sparkled in the sun.

My change has come, dear friends. I am Beautiful!

And I won’t ever forget you all. What a grand audience you have been.

I will put a smile on a child’s face.

I am Beautiful! I am Beautiful! As she flew away.

Beautiful flew off into the sunset with all the other butterflies.


©06/07/10 Sharon Smith


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  • SwiftlyClean profile image

    SwiftlyClean 7 years ago from Texas

    Thanks cheruo!:)


    Sharon Smith

  • profile image

    cheruo 7 years ago

    Great and awesome too!