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My Childish Dream:)

Updated on July 8, 2017

Dream Land Of My Own

My Childish Dream:)

I Was The Child Even I Have Grown,

I Was Flying Far And Faraway Alone,

I Saw The King Keeping Me His Crown,

I Started To Rule As If All The Things Are Known,

I Punsihed The Sun For Spliting The Fire,

I Polished The Moon For Its Patches Havenot Cleared,

I Vanished Whirlwind When It Came Hitting Forward,

I Stopped Rain As I Was Not Having Any Cover,

I Saw The God Who Was Smiling At My Childish Play,

I Got The Huge Blow Where I Was Fallen On The Clay,

I Got A Call When, Alarm Sung Its Song Away,

I Was About To Fall For My Lovely Wakeup Call Of The Day.

Imaginary Dream Land


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