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My Concept of God

Updated on August 5, 2013

My Concept of God

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

From an early age my questionings about life were many,

infinity and a Godless universe unlikely.

A sense of spirituality grew unabated, but hindered

by the regime of religious ritual and adherence.

I was but a child when I realised

that religion was made by men, not God,

and the surge of spiritual empowerment within me

was my personal relationship with life.

This relationship has grown

and has been strengthened by experience,

and understanding how life ensues.

Spiritual fervour continues to dominate my thinking.

But is has little to do with religion

and that relationship with God.

To me life is an expression of God, proof of his existence

and the intricacy and magnitude of the miracle of being.

Every cell, every atom reveals the existence of God, the creator,

whoever or whatever that may be.

Regardless of man’s self-righteous views and adaptations,

it is real, and one must be spirituality accepting of it.

Spirituality to me is a connection to that energy of being,

its appreciation and sublime omniscience.

It is all that is positive, is the perfect expression of love

and core of all existence.

This understanding and adherence to a spiritual life,

is no more than choosing love and compassion over negativity.

It is all we can do in life, to make that choice,

and to surrender to the will of a peaceful and meaningful life.


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