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My Trip to San Pedro Beach CA

Updated on August 29, 2011

Saturday, August 27th 2011 and about 8:03pm here in CA. I’m at home laying on my bed after coming back home with my fiancé from San Pedro Beach, CA. I just love the view there. The ocean waves back and fourth, people in bikini and shorts walking by the shore line. Little kids building sand castle and I’m just standing there letting the soft sand caressing my feet and in between my toes. My fiancé was sitting down drinking coca cola and burping all over. I rather let him burp then fart. Then this handsome Caucasian guy with six pack and muscular body wearing his shades and shorts walked pass me drinking Gatorade. “Ohh la la!” my heart said as I’m checking him out.

I turn to look at my fiancé and my fiancé was checking out girls cleavage and their body. I smack him in the head for doing that. He started to laugh because he knew he got caught. His first expression was “It’s free, what’s the point!?!” And then a seagull flew the air and poop right on his head. I laugh my mighty heart out and said see? You made the seagull mad!

Continue laughing, I help him wipe off the poop and clean his head up. I told him that he’s lucky because he’s bald! Just imagine the messed if he have hair! Wiping his head and laughing at the same time while making fun of him, he was a bit angry and stuff my mouth with cheese cake. My eyes was wide open and my mouth is completely full of cheese cake, therefore I clean my hand and took the cheese cake out of my mouth and stuff it back in his mouth. It turn out that we have a cheese cake fight.

I got up and he chase after me wiping cheese cake all over my face. I stopped and pretend that some of the cheese cake went in my eyes. My fiancé was worried and rush to me. He asked me what’s wrong? I told him it went in my eye. He lean forward to check my eye and I smack him in the face with cheese cake. He shook his head and roll his eyes and continue chasing after me. I was so tired from running so I stopped and he caught me. He kiss me on the cheek and I told him we just waste one cheese cake! He said we can eat it off each other face! I said no! So, we started to clean our face and hand.

Holding hand side by side walking by the shoreline. People was surfing even though the wave wasn’t as big that day, but I decided to surf along with them as well. My honey and I grab our surf board and start surfing. Gently stroking (paddling) I got up on my feet and ride the up coming wave, I yelled, “I got it!”

I was riding a strong wave since it got bigger and I use my index finger touching the water as I ride. It’s not the best wave but its better than nothing. About a couple of minute ride, I was knocked down afterward. Send me into the salt water.

I swam back up and got on my board, I paddle back to shore. My fiancé was laughing at the part where I was knocked down by the wave. He told me my facial expression was funny, my mouth and eyes was open wide, arm flapping in the air, smashed into the water with my leg sticking up and head down in the water!

Many hours surfing the ocean and enjoying our day, we decided its time to go home. On our way home there was lots of traffic, it took about an hour and a half to get back home. In the car we turn on Khmer music and sing along to the song by Sin Sisamoth called Annusavary (memories).

After getting back home I took a cool bath just cooling off my body from the exposure of the heat. After the cool bath, I got out and start eating chocolate ice cream. The soft foaming sweetness taste dancing in my tongue through my throat into my tummy yum!

Eating chocolate ice cream and watched TV, I couldn’t find any good movie to watch so I guess I watch "Who line is it on anyway" which is the best comedy show on TV! Well, after watching some episode and laughing by myself, my honey was cooking dinner. I went along to help him and left the TV on.

My honey was cooking stir fry chicken with asparagus. Yummy!

In the kitchen, I was making soft drinks to serve for dinner. I made ice lemonade with strawberry, kiwi, and a little extra fresh mint!

After we completely finish cooking dinner, we start eating. About 15-30 minute serving our dinner we decided to put on a scary movie. One of the Japanese movie that my fiancé rent through the cable.

Our house was really dark and the volume was up to 30. As the movie continue to play, the scariest part that made my heart scream was the part where the movie got silent, then all of a sudden a woman with long hair hanging upside down from the doorway and this girl open the door and the ghost jump, BAM! I started to scream in my fiancé ear and he stuff bread in my mouth to shut up.

Chomping down the bread, I start to lean closer to my honey as the movie get scarier and scarier. I scream several time till the movie end. So late at night about 1am, we went to bed. I couldn’t sleep at all, just tossing and turning. Every time I close my eyes I kept picturing that Japanese ghost and imagining she’s right there next to me. I turn around and saw a hair. The hair look just like the one I saw in the movie, it was covering my pillow and I got scared. I start pushing it and pulling it. It turn out that I was pulling onto my own hair.

Few minute later during the night, I needed to go pee. So I woke up and started walking down the hall. I start to have the feeling where someone was walking behind me and I freak out. It turn out to be my own shadow. I rushed back and woke my fiancé up to take me to the restroom.

Finally back to our room my fiance wrap his arm around my body and tell me go to bed. About an hour or so, I finally slept through the night without nightmare.


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    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Hi apurva, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :0)

    • apurva joshi profile image

      apurva joshi 6 years ago from INDIA

      wow it was an awesome one. a beautiful day out. enjoyed reading it. voted up:)

    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Hi Eiddwen, thank you! :o)

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      A brilliant hub which i vote up without a doubt.

      I now look forward to reading many more by you.

      Take care


    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Hi Ruby! Yes I did and thank you! It is fun. :o)

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Sounds like you had a fun day.. Good for you.. Smiles(: