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My Dark side

Updated on January 28, 2012

My Dark Side

my head hurts

I've walked so long

and in the end I barely understand

what I was placed here for

I keep secrets for all my friends and in the end all I do is burn up

I'm no ones hero

but I still will stand up

don't drop your secrets on me

unless you want to know mine

I can't stand to think that in my mind I'm losing

a battle with myself

the dark side of me seems to be winning

I think I'll lose my mind

would you still call me friend

in the end

one way or the other

still your secrets I keep

I've walked all this time

losing myself

and still it hurts to think at all

I've kept your secrets now keep mine

I've lost all hope

is their someone out there for me?

or am I going to leave my mind in the sand

at the end of the road

I still don't know where to go

I'm losing this battle

the dark side has hidden the light

the moon eclipsed the sun

I'll use the power I have all my strength to lift you up and save you

but in the end who saves the unwanted hero

the slave to mind and memory

stuck in the sand who will save me

when the dark side takes over

secrets I have kept eat from inside

and I have no hope to hide

all my strength is used to save you

used to lift up

in the end that's why I fall

that's why my dark side wins

because I use all the strength I have to save you

but in the end all I want is to be saved

is there hope for me

someone for me

someone to save me

from myself

and all the darkness of my dark side


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