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My Daughter - A Poem about A Mother's Love

Updated on June 18, 2013

My Daughter

My  beautiful daughter for whom the poem was written & me.
My beautiful daughter for whom the poem was written & me.

My Daughter

It seems like only yesterday

You were a little baby girl.

A cherished bundle of sweetness

More prized than any pearl.

The years, they’ve seemed to fly by

I wish they’d come back to me.

Those days of rocking you to sleep,

Of reading you books & bandaging scraped knees.

You are smart and fun and amazing

And you have grown in every way.

The young woman you’ve become

Makes me more proud with every passing day.

You’re growing up too quickly

My beautiful, smiling girl.

My only solace is that I know

You can conquer this great big world.

Enormously loved the day you were born

And every day in between,

I’m so thankful you’re my daughter

Can’t believe you are almost sixteen.

As you continue to grow up,

And eventually fly from my nest,

Know that you are so special

And I’ll always love you best.

So continue to live and learn my daughter,

Go forth and reach your dreams.

Know I always love and believe in you,

I’m always on your team.


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