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My Daughter Tries Poetry

Updated on March 23, 2012

A 13 Year Old's View- my daughter tries her hand at poetry.

My Happiness Cup

Every Morning, Everyday,

The sun comes out and it’s on its way.

Out the window the whole world waits,

For my bare feet to touch the ground.

The birds lead the nature chorus

While crickets and butterflies hum and flap along.

The cloudless sky, the ever-blue sky,

Waits for a movement underneath,

Like a big yellow umbrella over our own heads.

Let the big blue door open,

Let the sun pour into my bright green cup,

And there I will keep it.

I will go to the darkest forest and pour out my cup- spreading it like a blanket across the now bright forest.

I will stand under the smiling sun and let it fill up my cup to the tippy-top until it overflows.

I will run around the world spreading my blanket of sunshine, of happiness, of joy, until it overflows in the hearts of every soul.

I will give everyone a different-colored cup and show them how to fill it, how to keep it, how to pour it.

We will spread the blanket until it hugs the world, still leaving some in our cups,

We shall not forget about our own happiness cups.

I will step back through the big blue door and plop down on my bed and think about tomorrow,

For tomorrow holds happiness and joy. Live your life best

By filling up one cup at a time and spreading that blanket from generation to generation.


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