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My Day, On This Day - The 22nd - The Stomach Ache

Updated on May 22, 2014

Another day, another.. something

Welcome one and all. Are you a newbie or have you been reading what I have been writing for a while now? Either way, I am glad you are here.

Today I will being having to document my stomach ache again. It does help me to talk about it and perhaps someone will read and give some advice to help me out or perhaps someone will read something I have done that alleviated the problems and they too can share the same pleasure or even have some sort of cure or remedy for an ongoing issue.

The (neverending) Stomach Problem

So there are good things to see in this problem, and there are also bad things. Sure, the whole thing IS bad but, looking at the good things within the bad can sometimes help if the problem is caused by the mind - which makes it no less serious, in fact it can make it more serious if you have to deal with useless "professionals"

That last sentence there may sound awful and aggressive but I ask you this: If you took your car to a garage to be fixed and they fixed a few things but the engine was not working right when you went to the garage, you told them so - like many times before at different garages too - you get your car back and nothing has changed. Many times before, your car's engine has been returned and it is worse. You paid for your engine to get worse? You should be able to have a normal chat with the mechanics though, they will take the time to listen..

Wrong.They have many more cars coming into the garage - a broken windscreen wiper or a flat battery is much more fun to fix. Simple; easy.

So, there is nothing better to do than learn about engines, learn about fuel, learn about terrain, and then maybe one day, you can document your journey for others to look over.

There are a lot of issues that can cause stomach problems which is why I think doctors on the whole do not like to delve to deep into it as it stretches far outside of their knowledge base. I do not mean this in an insulting way, I mean there are other professionals within the field of medicine that need to be included if the problems is meant to be solved. It is also worth taking into consideration other possibilities that, doctors generally wouldn't come in contact with in their lifetimes. Basically, factually and sadly, only people from wealth can become doctors in the western world.

Something to Consider

I know it cannot be easy being a doctor. Everyone coming in thinks they know what is wrong with them and doctors have trouble trying to communicate with someone who has the internet and thinks they are about to die.

Some people think that doctors have all the answers and when they do not fix them - or their lives - they are bad doctors. This simply is not true and we all need to understand that we are in charge of our lives and we just need to identify the problems and slowly, calmly, and wisely deal with them. These problems will not go away over night, so don't think you can attack and destroy to cure - instantaneously.

Somethings I have found need to be considered when you have a reoccurring stomach ache:

  • Diet - Okay, I think most people will figure this one out as a possible cause. Something that some people will not figure out though is that just because people are smiling in adverts and eating and drinking certain things, it doesn't mean it is any good. Just because people use buzzwords, it doesn't mean it is any good. Just because some failing celebrities has been paid A LOT of money to promote something... It doesn't mean it is any GOOD! - Do away with all processed foods and drinks and go to a reputable and independent health food store/shop.
  • Stress - Alright, some people will understand this one plays a part. Some won't. Most will probably see and understand but be able to do little to change their circumstances. This I think is probably the worst thing in the world to have to deal with as most of the time, the stress is related to relationships with family members or girlfriends or boyfriends. It can also be down to bullying at school or work. Another stress generator is dealing with or interacting with people at work - a bad boss or supervisor or perhaps a useless employee who is making your work load larger. The truth is that you can deal with these things, you just need to plan your route. It may get messy it may get even more stressful, but once you have dealt with it, it will not cause you anymore trouble.

More tomorrow!


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