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My Day, Today - The 10th

Updated on May 10, 2014

The first day of maybe many

Hello and welcome!

I am going to use this space for writing general jibba-jabba. I hope it will bring amusement to those that choice to read it. It is also a fun way for me to document the coming months and reflect on my experiences as well as share them with anyone who happens to find this page - and maybe, the ones that will hopefully follow.

As I have said, I will be simply documenting my day and reporting on the things that seem interesting and perhaps be somewhat entertaining - and hopefully interesting in some shape, form or way.

First, there were two..
First, there were two..
The three cats - two of which are new - are now very good friends!
The three cats - two of which are new - are now very good friends!

Let's begin where things tend to begin - The Start

Here you can see on the right the progress of bringing three cats together. The one on the right is Orion and he is our resident cat. The other one - Milo - He is one of the new ones that has joined us recently. The other - Monty - he can be seen in the picture at the top of the page and he is not in the picture on the right. He is sat under the sofa. This picture was taken about 4 days after the two brothers arrived in our apartment.

We took the two brothers in on a foster basis - they live with us and our cat and go to a fostering day once a month to see if anyone would like to adopt them.

Sadly, this - living somewhere and going to adoptions day - has been happening for well over a year for these two brother. The main reason would be down to the fact - I guess - that people want perfect looking cats and these two guy have a genetic problem that affects the way they walk. They both suffer from: radial dysplasia but are both really nice cats and it is sad that nobody would like to take them on. So, we have!

Worrying stats!

I took a quick look at my monthly income on hubpages and got a tad worried for a moment - of course, I wasn't really worried - but at the same time was happy that my stats had picked up recently!

Catching up on some quality TV

I have only recently started to watch the second season of House of Cards. I thought the first season took a while to get into, but when I did, it was very very very good. I really like the show as it hits you with quite a few surprises. I also like the fact that it has no undercurrent or ulterior motive or dues not try to push some message or opinion at you. Which, for the show's general theme - all the characters are pretty much doing that, 27/7 - is nice.

Anyway, after watching the first episode of the second season, I was perplexed by what happened - don't worry, no huge spoilers - and in the afternoon I went out for a walk. I was still thinking over what had happened as it was quite a shock and was not expecting it. Anyway..

While walking, I approached a crossing. I waited. I was thinking about other things and then as the lights changed and gave me the green light - someone across the road started to walk as well; I stayed where I was - thinking about the moments near the end of the episode. I didn't move. Logic dictates that I should move, but for some reason - thinking about the episodes near end - I stayed where I was. Moments later, out of my view a car - clearly just noticing the lights were not in his favor, and going too fast to stop - skidded very fast across the crossing area and carried on into a little. Had I have crossed, I would have been hit very hard by that car. Maybe I'd be dead? I would have needed the hospital - FOR SURE. I was sort of saved by the end of the first episode of the second season of House of Cards.


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