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My Day, Today - The 11th

Updated on May 11, 2014

What will I be talking about today?

I plan to do what I always do with these specific hubs - I will be talking about my day, my thoughts, this and that, and generally, shooting the.. shot, in a nice funny and reflective way.

Featuring in today's hub will be:

  • The Weather and all the joys of it. I will of course be talking about Montreal's weather, as that is where I currently am. I will also talk about different sorts of weather in the different places I have been. I know, it is sounding pretty good so far - but hey, I am from the UK!
  • Words people use - excluding the obvious ones - that annoy me. These will see terms that are thrown around way to often that mean little.

Still here? Excellent! Let's begin

The weather in Montreal

Well, I have to say.. The weather here is nothing like I have ever experienced. It only really started to get warm enough to leave the apartment without a hat - though kept in the bag or pocket - about a week ago or less and the same for the coat, about 3 days ago. There was always a cool breeze that seemed to cut through you very easily.

The storms here seem to happen in reverse too - from what I have become used to anyway.

It was pretty chilly and cold a good few weeks back, a storm came and went.. the next day, it was warm. Back in Europe, it is the opposite. I thought it was a fluke, but the same happened exactly the same two days ago. Not too sure if it is normal here but my body was seriously confused.

Another funny occurrence that happened - which I am pretty sure is not normal anywhere - is that when it first started to get warm - and then run for cover, and stay there for a month - the weather reached 23/4 degrees - nice! Then within 36hrs, it was -8 and snowing. People had been walking about in shorts and t-shirts only to reach - and no doubt sigh and unpacked - for winter coats, hats, and gloves.

The weather is now set to stay about 20 and only rise. I have to say, me and hot weather do not get along. My body just cannot cope with it. Last year in Berlin I was looking to fly to Iceland - all the better sounding when a heatwave is in full force - to escape a long heatwave. Berlin's accommodation is not built in a time when the heat was meant to reach to just below 40. That was a tough 10 days!

Words - and terms - that people use, that bug me!

I really cannot stand it when people say things - that once meant something, had meaning - as if they are responding to the amount of sugars they want in their tea. I know, that this is my own personal hang up - though I am sure others will feel the same. But, there is an honest logic and question to what I say. And there is something truly curdled with the people I describe. I guess I am somewhat parasitic in my observations but, never the less I shall - speak/type the words.

When people say the word: nowadays they assume it gives them some sort of authority on the situation, on a situation. Maybe the people have a point but maybe they need to be more descriptive and not so lazy as this word just shovels any thoughts or arguments in the corner marked - 'Old & Bitter'

Who can argue that nothing has gotten better somewhere. This idea or notion that things back in time were universally better. To me it just suggests people are totally out of touch - I assume, I have made a fair few enemies now. Back in the olden days, they would have, hugged me.

I am not of the belief that everything has gotten better universally, I just believe in using original ways to describe arguments, because without that, there generally is no argument or understanding. Just a moaner moving with the herd. An old school copy and paste routine if you will..

This "chapter" will be revisited no doubt later, in other hubs - with other lovely conjuring words - but I will end this part with a few other - and obviously annoying words:


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