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My Day, Today - The 14th

Updated on May 14, 2014

So, what will you talk about today?

Well, I have had a fair few funny and problematic hours that I am about to share with you all. I know, you are thing, "What has he been doing!" and most likely, "I have to know!!"

Some of you know - through the art of reading - that I have been doing a few health kicks in order to make myself feel better, I will be talking about that/those.

I will be talking about music, and how I am getting along with that - I was reading a book yesterday and I felt the calling to start doing music again - I didn't stop, I was just more thoughtful rather than taking action.

Let's start.. !

I only have the tongue - mildly - just so you know..

A little OTT and the religious connotations at the end are stupid..

Health Kicks

So, as some of you know, I was doing the candida diet and I was taking some medicine that is designed at kill off candida - or rather, kill of a candida overgrowth.

( My Candida Diet )


( The Candida Spit Test )

The truth of the matter is that I was pretty much on the candida diet anyway and I am still on it as when I eat certain things - basically all processed foods and sugars except fructose, delivered by eating fruits, and maple syrup, I get ill and run down.

The problem with all this is that I am not 100% sure what it is. I come from the UK and generally I have found the doctors very unhelpful. I am not some raving nutter who has wild theories and I have been to doctors from all over the UK, the results are generally the same - "take these"

I didn't "take these" mainly due to being allergic to them. Try "looking at" your computer in front of you.. At a thing marked 'history' or 'patient records' - Oh! and do I get a refund after paying £15 for these now useless pills?

So the only avenue is to look into things myself. So that is what I have done and I believe I am better off from doing this - trusting your own instincts and feelings is good, once you have tested them and can test them against something else.

I have also been told that I should - well, I don't know why I typed that as it is should I feel I should do and nobody told me to - try a parasite cleanse. I saw a video on youtube that freaked me out but I have to say it was on my mind anyway. I just wanted to try everything and see what works. Seeing as all of the ingredients and from natural sources and the the reviews are generally good, why not try that one next.

I should mention that I am currently on a full body detox one and I am feeling pretty bad. The "badness" seems to be visiting different areas, and staying a few days. I have been experiencing pain or discomfort in my lungs for a day or two - I guess it is cleaning things out there.. Before now I was fine - lung-wise.

I am debating whether or not to carry on though as I am having quite a stressful time - personal/relationship - and also I am really not sleeping well - due to the... idiot who thinks letting his dogs run about and bark in his garden at all hours is 'fine'

So yes, it is in the balance whether I carry on or not. I need to make a choice - very soon!

Do I hear Music?

"Some of you know" that I do write and play music. To be honest, I do not have a lot to show for my time as a musician. This is mainly due to investigating and performing rather than recording. I have also been juggling so many different things - I plan to talk about these thing tomorrow - that music sometimes took the back seat. If I am honest many times music was in the front seat but it wasn't possible to do due to where I was living or other issues that overshadowed it.

I however have been cleaning up all problems that have been holding me back. I guess this could be mainly seen within the visualisation of a music theory teacher.

A lot of the time I wouldn't really know certain things and due to the area of music I was looking to write, it wasn't always easy to say - "Yeah, sod it, maan" I wish it had been. But now is a very exciting time as a lot of the questions have been answered so there is nothing left but to put in some time.

What did I do? Well, I played in a few different bands - these were mainly in the small town I grew up in. To be honest, things were nothing to write home about. I started to hone my craft - which is far from done - once I moved out of that place. Sadly though I was chasing money here and chasing money there - just like everyone - and music took a sideline. I should have been more dictator-like when it came to music. Well, actually.. I was! I guess - thinking about it again - I think I should have been more relaxed, I should have got a teacher and I shouldn't have put myself in impossible situations and then feel bad for not being superman or Jesus..


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