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My Day: Today! - The 17th

Updated on May 17, 2014

Good day to you, internet traveler

Today, I will as ever, be talking about the general news and goings on in my life - and of course, in my head!

Take this as a diary of sorts or a journal that exists for me and for you. It exists for me, to create and write about what I am thinking about so one day - after moving, losing my data, being robbed.. I might or rather, will be able to look back on my time and say, "Oh yes! I forgot about that!"

And for you - the reader or internet traveler - as an offering of reality of existence of others. What I mean is my gabbing and rambling might serve as a little entertainment and a little point where maybe you can recognise yourselves. Either way, you should be able to get something positive out of it.

Libraries: The Best Things in the World

I am about to sing the praises of Libraries - see, they even get a capital letter!

I have been visiting one semi-local to me. It has many floors and is very big. It has all sorts of books and it even has DVDs, which the puritan in me tuts at - though I have rented a few from there already, more book have been rented though!

I stumbled on a section of music books. Transcribed books and educational books. It was simply one of the best finds I have ever had. Since finding this goldmine, I have been taking books out right left and center - reading and studying - and of course, with the transcribed books, I have been writing down chords and notes to songs that I could not find anywhere else and often wondered how they were play. Sometimes the questions would drive me crazy, "What are the notes/chords to this song!!!?" Now I know and I know more than I needed to know.

The music educational books seem to be helpful and I have been reading through a few. The problem with this is, you need to be "inside" music - have access to an instrument that you can pick up at anytime and try something without anything or anyone interrupting in any shape form or way - otherwise things do not gel together. You - or rather I - need to have this to learn things within music. Reading a book will help but, as with everything perhaps, questions pop up from what you read and in order to fully understand what you are reading, you/I, will need to "answer" this call.

Non-educational books that have been read/are being read

Of course, everyone needs a break from education. This is why I got hold of two books I have been looking to read for quite some time. The first - which was in the library and could be taken when I found it - was Duff McKagan's biography. On the whole I liked it as it didn't try to "big up" things and it did seem pretty honest - much like Slash's biography.

It mainly details the recovery Duff went through after Guns 'n Roses, crumbled, slowly. I really like it when biographies deal with this. As I have said. I think the guy needs a pat on the back for pulling it back together, or pulling it together.

He was doing a lot of drugs and alcohol up until he nearly died from a burst pancreas. In fact, he was meant to or only last a few months. But he didn't. He - somehow, after a few months of living a life of solitude - got on his bike! and started becoming very healthy and pulled it together - impressive. And after all this, he seems very articulate and intelligent enough. It is quite funny really, as there are people who do not have addictions or pressures to deal with and crumble. Mind you, having millions in a bank goes to help you see the best and get the best. There's nothing worse than wanting to try and then have something like finances throw a spanner in the works - not to take anyway from Duff! Duff could have easily spent all his money on destruction, but he chose the harder option.

Another biography that I have wanted since it came out was/is Morrissey's. I have only read about 20 pages and it is pretty bleak. It reminds me a lot of the film 'Threads'. Threads is a film about nuclear war and the hardship endured after. Morrissey's biography also made me think of George Orwell's 'The Road to Wigan Pier' which was so damn bleak and dank. But you know, people always moan or moaned that Morrissey is such a miserable person etc - what was expected from a biography by him?

Like Morrissey, I love and hate this book at the same time. Sometimes I feel like shouting, "Oh come ON, give it a rest, Pal!" and other times, I am glued to it as I have never heard to truth be spoken in this way than myself to people when I am feeling down or have never read words that I have thought time and time again but never found anyone anywhere who came close to my view. Like I said, I am only 20 pages in. So, up to that point, that is what I think..

Another thing I should say is that ALL books are educational books - in the right hands.


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