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My Day: Today - The 20th

Updated on May 20, 2014

What's on?

Well, I am back after a mini-break of one day. I thought I would simply unplug for one day and see how I felt after a day of no internet access. I will, of course, be talking about that.

and I feel that today is a good day to mention a few different things that I am having to deal with at the moment - but just not bang on about them too much.

So yes, that is what you can expect to read here, today.

Enjoy - let's start..

Unplugging from the internet for 24hrs

Now, many people will tell you that they could not live without the internet or internet access, the same thing really. I thought the same myself and I wanted to make a conscious effort to make my life more "disconnected" and I learnt a few interesting things along the way - the truth behind a truth.

I have to say, I sort of cheated yesterday as the weather was quite nice and I had a lot to do, which in itself, gives us the true truth I spoke about mystically in the last paragraph. I will carry on about this a little later. Giving the game away now would make me a bad story teller now - wouldn't it?

So it was a 24hr affair. I went to a party on Sunday night - Monday was a national holiday. So that is when I stopped using the internet - around 5pm Sunday. I cam back from the party around 1am and went straight to bed - after I had brushed my teeth, no shower tonight though!

The toughness started when I woke up - sadly, around 8am. I would normally check my emails on my phone or check my facebook. Checking facebook is pretty much a habit for the morning. I am not too sure what I expect to see - a post about how someone has cracked cool fusion? a post by someone who stayed up all night and found the cure for cancer, and didn't get drunk and take porn-esq picture of them and their friends in some drinking hole?

I put my phone down. Around then I decided that texts were out of the picture too. I wouldn't be texting today either. Sure, if someone texted me, I would reply but I would not be initiating or starting any text conversations today.

Any withdrawal symptoms?

Still in bed, I started to carry on reading Morrissey's biography. After a while it was getting to me - the book, not the reading. It is quite hard to read as it sort of goes on and on about something and these things link to something else, so, unless you start at the tangent at the beginning, it is a little hard to pick up.

I got up and started to watch some Six Feet Under - season 3. This season mainly focuses on Nate - most of the series do, but this one and the first do on the whole; or that's what I feel at least.

After watching that I went out for a walk in the nice weather and I have to say that I didn't really miss the internet at all. I am not too sure how I would feel if I had to do the same day for a few days. I am guessing it would get pretty boring. That saying, 'A change is as good as a break/holiday' I find is sort of true in this situation. And I guess if I went somewhere else - totally new and different, surrounds and daily structure - it would work out for a longer period.

So the truth behind the truth?

People sit on the internet because they are stuck or too lazy too change things. It is easier to refresh your facebook updates than get off your arse and plan something, to stick to something.

People can change. Everyone can change. It just takes more than a hazy Saturday night's absolutionary idea to have another drink because change is coming in a day or two.

In order to change yourself and your life, you must change everything else.

The small things.

I watched Six Feet Under - season 3 - for most of yesterday. It mainly focuses on Nate and Lisa - Nate's wife; Lisa is HIS wife only because he was in the series long before we saw her, okay? - and the problems they have and I guess the problems many people have, ie: getting married for all the wrong reasons and then trying to fix those problems that cannot be fixed and chasing tails but only to become frustrated, which contributes the the overall downward trajectory.

I also started to try out the raw vegan diet. I was only able to start this after a few months of being wheat-free. I know people will think I am stupid for saying such things but, I was only able to do this, eat this food, when I had stopped wheat. I found that when I was eating wheat, I was hungry all the time and I NEEDED to eat a lot of the time.

I am blessed that during my time with wheat - post 20 - I did not gain weight like many people do but then again, I was still eating healthy food while still eating wheat: rarely burgers or any other processed foods and no fizzy pop. I just had to reduce the wheat slowly and above ALL else, stay off sugar.

If I was to give anyone any advice about food. I would say you should treat wheat and sugar like you treat an alcoholic spirit - which translates to everyone - cut it out totally, or have it now and then. Do not make it an integral part of your diet as it takes over your diet and it RULES you. Both sugar and wheat are not what they were 100 years ago, let along 50 or even 20 years ago.


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