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My Day: Today - The 28th - Hypnosis - 'Oh My Dayz'

Updated on May 28, 2014

I'll be back

So today, I will be talking about - or banging on about - a few things. Hypnosis mainly but there are also other things that have lead me to hypnosis and other things that have been brought to the surface that have allowed me to look at my life and all its problems. And, the minor solutions I have tried to repair unknown underlying problems.

What lead to the Hypnosis / Self Hypnosis?

As soon of you folks know, I have been having many problems of late. The mistake I made - or have been making over and over - is that I have assumed and stuck to the idea that the problem, is from one source, and is one thing. Now, that IS true sort of but not the total truth.

I had put my problems solely on my diet. If I eat this, I get stomach problems, and this and that come from this, and they cause this to that. So I put my salvation in the hands of my stomach - and wallet. Now it is true that there is a second brain "in" our stomachs which cannot be denied or ignored but it is also true that the "original" mind controls all. I believe that, but I also believe that knowing something does not automatically help. In fact sometimes knowledge can make a situation worse - if you cannot change it and you KNOW you cannot change it.

What am I banging on about?

In order to heal ourselves I think that the mind needs to be helped to be the best it can. Once you see that, you can start to change things around yourself based on that. These things of course have to be possible. Setting a goal that is unobtainable will only stress us out.

So, I have started to look at what I know about myself. I know what I cannot do, I know what I can do. I know what I need to now do based on these things. For the first time, my focus is going to be on myself. I am not planning to find things or situations to enter into to make others happy because ultimately, down the road, I will not be happy and me being unhappy makes the people I was trying to please unhappy too.

They will also be ungrateful for what I have done for them. And you know what, THEY are right to be ungrateful.

I entered into something without considering myself which then ate me away. I should have entered into a partnership because I wanted to. I DID want to - don't get me wrong - but the repeating of this same situation - since I was young and trying to please the unpleasable - echoed.

I will be focusing on myself and I know with all these things in place, my stomach will heal and so will I. I just hope it is not too late to heal myself..

I have started doing hypnosis for deep relaxation and for self esteem. The latter has been denied me since I could speak by the nearest to me. I don't think my mother did it on purpose per say as she herself suffers from the same. I am then in situations where these feeling are compounded and branded upon me.

Once I fix this, everything else should fall into place, with additional long-term work!


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