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My Day With 167 Words

Updated on November 29, 2013
So many ways to let our words be said unto the the world. So many words to use to let everyone know what we feel.
So many ways to let our words be said unto the the world. So many words to use to let everyone know what we feel. | Source

In this time, in these moments, everything seems limited. Time, happiness, and life itself. But has it come to a point that even our speech is limited by number

Due to some odd circumstances and some weird logic and reasoning, I was forced and actually put to a place of stupidity where I had to do something that I would actually learn something from and benefit from it. I must say that it was hard, to do something that I was not able to do before . I lived my life without limits, no numbers can count on whatever I can do for a day, no walls can stop me from going and exploring this endless world and its endless potential, but this deal, this one dare, put me in place of limit and measure, a place that there is a number to how much I can do and what I am able to do. That lucky number is 167.

Speech, words, talking, shows every character a person can give out, every emotion or expression to the world. Every word is an expression, a heart beat of endless stream of information and love. A word is not just a word, instead its something more, it is something that we have to take in serious consideration, because during my experience I realized that this words that we tend to overlook or take for granted, seem important, and when they become limited, they became very important.

In statistics, a doctor that goes by a name of Louann Brizendine a professor who said that "A woman uses about 20,000 words per day while a man uses about 7,000."(source: Its interesting that a woman can actually use 13,000 more words than a man. Not only that, but imagine all those words, used, in a efficient or a in an inefficient way. All these things can show massive amounts of emotion and expression to others. It can show affection, joy, hatred, all the things that we want to express. In the end of the day, every single word, counts.

It came by an idea and a post in the world wide web, a picture, that actually caught my attention.

All our words add up to what we feel and what we want to say to the world.
All our words add up to what we feel and what we want to say to the world. | Source

I thought that life and everything else has no limits, has no barriers, has no end, but in reality they all have an end, they all have barriers, they all have limits. That's what I've learned in that day.

It was a Tuesday, when I started to do it. I started in the morning, when I woke up miserably from my wonderful bed. I didn't want to wake up, but life wanted me to. I ate breakfast and got ready for school and another shot at life. My first few words were saying "Goodbye" to my parents. I recorded how many words I have used, using a piece of paper(too bad I was not able to write down the exact words.) It didn't last long, before noon, I was able to use more than half the words I was allotted that day. I must agree that it was hard, hard to have limits and numbers to what you can say to someone, but there is a benefit from this. I was able to listen more, feel more, and actually, smile more. I was able to listen to my friends deeply, without being able to answer back, but somehow they understood(actually they kept forcing me to talk :) but I was able to listen deeply to the world. In that day, I actually felt that I knew myself more, deeply, I connected more with my thoughts and who I am. I smiled more, because I was able to listen more deeply to what people have to say and what they really meant.

During that day, I learned what it really meant to listen to someone. Most of us would just listen and just listen, without actually listening. There is more to that, more to listening, than just actually lending your ear.The real secret to listening is to feel every single word of expression, love, emotion of that person, to connect yourself to the person talking, be it your friend, stranger or lover, they are all the same. They deserved to be heard.

The day kept going and i knew that I had to save the remaining words I had left for something important. That was the real question that clouded my mind, what was that important thing, what special moment, to whom will I use the remaining words? It was hard to decide and in the end I lost, in the end, I was not able to limit myself, because, I was used to use words to show expressions, reactions, and endless emotions. But it made me realize, it made me think that I should use these words more wisely, more efficiently, because I never know a day when even my words are counted and limited.

We can all have a shot at this. Its a great idea, to actually try it one day. It doesn't have to be 167, it can be 200, or 300 words. Let it be an experience and help you learn more to how important our speech, words may be. It may also help you realize how to listen deeply and how to communicate without words, like a mute. Let's offer some of our words to them.

The words we may use can move mountains, can create worlds, and can make a person happy. It can show a various amount of emotions and expression, in which we search for each day. We can save the words up for someone special, for sometime important, or for an occasion that we waited for. These words may not be limited, but there is someone out there keeping track of them, knowing what you used these words for, be it hurting someone or making someone special for at least a moment.

I already spent 1000 words and more in this article/hub. I don't know if it was efficient, if I gave these words meaning or justice. I don't know if it gave them life and if I used them in their fullest potential. Only you can decide whatever these words meant and what they shouted out.


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