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My Dear World

Updated on August 10, 2018
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As I see it I put it. I do not get involved directly in politics. It is a tricksters game. But if you plan to vote. Vote for me.

Dear World
Dear World

Dear World

How are you? I mean really, how are you really? You seemed to be content with all that's happening to you. I mean you sit and take all bad things which goes on daily to you and you do nothing about it. What bad things you ask? Well, I am quite shocked at you for asking such a question. But if you need a little enlightenment, I guess I will be the one to do it. So where do I really begin world? Mmmm, OK, lets get the ball rolling.

Kids in Cages

Do you know that there are many children living in you that have been traumatized by all the man made devastation which your evil leaders have created? There are kids without parents, kids who are going through psychological, mentally and physical anguish. Anguish caused by war, parents who are suppose to be protecting them and by our own governments. Many refugee kids have been placed in cages and separated from their parents who probably will be deported to the rumble of devastation which first world countries have created in their country. Kind of reminds me of a jungle hunt where the hunter goes and shoot the mother elephant and cuts the tusk off while the baby elephant is there calling and crying and witnessing her mothers death. Children should always be protected, no matter the race. It is the responsibility of the whole world.

Bad Leadership

Dear World, it seems you have given power to the greatest nation on earth to someone who cares more about tweeting than bringing the nations of the world together by creating bridges instead of erecting walls. As chaos blooms and people loose jobs, twitter blossoms with negative tweets sent by this individual. His lack of authentic care does not reflect the true Nature of many of the real American people I know. He rules over a nation of people who are divided. There are those who rely on what the media teaches them to have a full thought and conclusion. This is one time where America has elected an individual out of fear of color, rather than intellectual sense and economical goodness.

Racism Ridiculousness

Let me tell all my white pals first that I mean no disrespect to them when I say some white folks are racist until it has made them coo-coo. I honestly believe that people who call the police on black people living should serve some hard time in prison. As a matter of fact, practicing racism should have an automatic sentence of at least 10 years behind bars. White folks have called the police on black people for so many ridiculous things in America it has made the rest of the world wonder about the very intellectual abilities of many of American citizens. I know racism exist everywhere in some form. But America has taken it to a whole new level. People have called the police on black people for,

  • Sleeping at a bench in a University the attend
  • Jogging in their own neighborhood
  • Little girl selling water
  • Barbecuing at a designated bar-b-cue spot in a park
  • For sitting in their car
  • For opening their own home door
  • For waiting at Starbucks
  • For talking
  • For using swimming pool
  • For driving
  • For being black!

Environment Destruction

Man made forest fires blamed on heat. Yes, government supported by large enterprises are clearing massive amounts of land using a tried and true method, fire. Fire is one of the easiest and extremely cheap way of clearing vegetation from any mass amount of land. Land which being bought up by huge enterprises who know they will start building on the property as soon as the fire guts out trees, wildlife and people.

Corrupted Government Officials

The word corrupt and politician should never be separated. As the world has become a breeding ground for corrupt government officials. From rogue and racist cops who are part of the Klu Klax Klan to high end political post whose pockets are constantly greased by shady organizations to ensure that policies made are for their benefit.

Dear World

There are so many things I really want to reveal to you, but i would probably hunted and killed by people of high class integrity. I am really sad for your world, I am sad that people like these exist. I am sad that vanity has been set at the forefront of life. Oh world, I really hope that one day something happen and cause you world to change for the better. I love you world. I will continue to love and do my little part in keeping you going. Goodbye.

© 2018 Clive Williams


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