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My Decision: The Rich Man’s Daughter’s Story #1

Updated on July 9, 2020

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Dr. and Dr. (Mrs) Adaramoye and children representing early marriage
Dr. and Dr. (Mrs) Adaramoye and children representing early marriage | Source

There was a rich man in the eastern

Part of the island, he started with trading

In diamond in the island, and would later

Go on to possess his quarry, when the island

Leaderships decides to issue certificates for

People who have the financial muscles to start

Their own quarry site and be paying money to the

Government of the island and also employ workers.

The rich man was married to a business woman too,

Who through hard work grew his business in the

Island, she though was not into diamond business

But was into importing clothes and other textile

Materials into the island. This work she inherited from

Her late mother, and she would transform the business into

A large-scale business through the assistance of his husband

After their wedding. Their marriage was blessed with six

Children, all of them males except the last born, called the

Baby of the house who was a female. She was loved by every

Member of the family. This family demonstrated

Rare love among themselves as people of the island used to

Say, though they are large, but there are uncommon love among

Them contrary to people’s speculations that rich people do not

Have lovely and admiring homes, and that their children are

Usually at loggerheads among themselves, this does not

Manifest in the family, rare love was there which makes the

Family one that many people living in the community wants

To take after. The baby of the house as she is fondly called by

All in the house including their siblings are well behaved

Children in addition to this, the baby of the house was however

The most brilliant of all the children of this wealthy lovers, for she

Has won many awards while in the high school through her songs

Quarry site
Quarry site | Source

And other competitions in which she has represented her school.

However, something keeps bothering her mind, and it was whom

She would be married to. She wants her marriage to be akin to that

Of her parents for she cannot imagine not been loved by the person

She will be married to, she wants what she was enjoying at home to

Continue, the love in open display in her family. Many people have shown

Their interest in her, both old and young, but she noticed that

Many of those who showed interest in her were not doing that because

They really loved her, they were showing interest because of her

Beauty, and most especially because of the wealth her parents

Would leave behind for her and other siblings of hers’. She would

Not know how to go about finding a person who will genuinely love her

But would not be doing so because of her wealth and fame.

One day while talking with one of her father’s workers, the man

Told her a story about a wealthy man’s lady who was not certain

Of whom to be married to among those people who had proposed

To her, then her parents because they do not want her to marry anyone

Who does not love their daughter, decides to take their daughter far

Away from them into a remote place, there she was living with

The her grandmother, who takes delight in putting her through some

House chores that she has not been exposed to while living with her

Parents in the center of their Island. While in this position, her

Parents organized tests for those she said has proposed to her and

Saying that their daughter has been carried away by creditors,

Because they took loans to establish their businesses, and since

They cannot pay back some of the loans as at when due, the creditors

Have come and taken their daughter away. Anyone who wants to

Be married to her, would be substituted for her, and the person

Would work with the creditors for 30 years before he regains his

Freedom. They needed someone to save her daughter’s life because



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