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My Decision: The Rich Man’s Daughter’s Story #3

Updated on July 9, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Miss Deborah Ibiwoye
Miss Deborah Ibiwoye | Source

Because the fame of her parents have risen far and wide how they

Used to employ people to their establishments. She told them that she

Tried them, but they said there are no vacancies at the moment apart

From that, she also wishes to move far away from her community

So that there would be no one who knows her whereabout for some

Times until things improve for her. People who heard say it is true

When one moves far off, one would be able to think and plan

For one’s life. They gave him accommodation which she paid for

And started living in one room, where she gets a mattress on the

Ground where she was sleeping and some other household utensils.

The following day she asks people to assist her get something doing,

For if she does not start something she will run out of the money on

Her soon. They told her, there are no good jobs in the village like

Where she has come from, she said she would not mind anyone, to keep

Her body and soul together, pending the time there would be another

Opening. She started with working at a restaurant for a woman

And it was said to be one of the best jobs around the village. During

This time no one knows her identity. She integrated herself into the

Community. After a while, a man opens a mini superstore in the

Village and she applies for the job and was employed by the man.

In the meanwhile, his parents used to give all their children weekly

Pocket money which would be credited into their accounts. They

Gave them according to their age, and what his parents were sending

Into her account monthly was $2,000:00. She would see the alert when

She returns home and would send messages to her parents of her

Welfare. They wanted to come and see her, but she asks them not to

For doing that would blow open her cover while she would not

Achieve her aim. She would tell them that people know about

The family and they used to talk about the family, that there is no

How they would visit that they would not know, in addition to this

Restaurant, Nigeria
Restaurant, Nigeria | Source

She says people have said she should have stayed in her island

And work with any of her parents because they were rich, now how

Would she cover that up if they visit. She will be communicating with

Them daily, through the iPhone which she never takes out of her

Room for security reasons and has gotten a new line with her new

Name, she will tell them. About one and half year after being in the

Village, a guy started getting close to her and soon he would

Propose to her that he wants to marry her. She replied that she

Cannot marry him. The guy asks for the reason, and she would not

Present any reason, other than she cannot marry him. After deep

Thought about this, the guy returns to her. And started asking her what

He probably thinks may be bothering her heart for her to say she cannot

Marry him. “Have you been raped before?” “Are you afraid of my

Age?” “Have you given birth to a child before leaving your island?”

“Have you aborted pregnancies before?” “Have you been jilted before?”

“Is it because you want to further your education?” “Are you thinking

About my financial status?” To all these questions the maiden says

The answer is “No”, my reason for saying I cannot marry you has

Nothing to do with all those questions you have asked. Why then?

He asks, tell me the reason. But she did not reply again. “Or are you

A sicklier?” But you do not look like one, in fact I have not seen you

Fallen sick once since we have come together. “You also know

The answer to that, you know I am not a sicklier she replied him.

“Then why??? I really love you”, he says to her. And she laughs

Let us leave this discussion, agree with me that you cannot marry

Me, and let us talk on something else, she said. I have nothing else to

Discuss with you. What has been in my mind is you, you, you always.

“Do you think I will be unfaithful to you and would …”, she

Cuts him short, I say, let us leave this for now. Okay he agrees, but

Would bring the matter up again. Four weeks after this, the lady



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