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My Decision: The Rich Man’s Daughter’s Story #5

Updated on July 9, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


And was dancing, leave dancing for now, go and get her what

She and her fiancé would eat, they are on the way. The chef could

Not contain her happiness as she keeps dancing around and shouting

As she leaves them for the kitchen. The man started wondering

So, true is what people used to say, sometimes big cloth does not

Connote wealthy person. The person whom no one considers

Important in our village, a common mini superstore attendant,

A lady that I thought I was better off financially, a lady that I used

To give money, no wonder she used to reject my money whenever

I want to give her something, so she is from a wealthy home?

Surprise would never end as he continues with his thought, she

Keeps talking with her people resting her head on his shoulder

In the car. When the gate was opened, it was opened into

A big compound with interlocking floors, and different vehicles

Parked in the compound, flowers and trees were seen around the

Building. Then, another servant rushes to them when the

Car was parked to open the doors for them, and noise could

Be heard inside the building as the house maids started rushing

Out of the building to welcome the small mistress of the house

As her father has stated on the phone which he heard some minutes

Back. Then followed was his siblings, and he could see from their

Faces that they resemble one another, definitely, this is her

Parents, he said to himself. After she has been warmly embraced

By the house maids, and other staff, she greeted her parents and

Siblings and introduced her love to them. They were happy

And they embraced him. He started feeling inferior among them

He looked at himself from his head to toe and noticed that

He does not even worth the least of his parents staff that day

Then he said to himself, this must be the reason why she said

I cannot marry her, “uhm”, she is the daughter of the renown


Wealthy man in the country. As he was thinking of this

They entered the building and then he discovered that he has

Not seen anything, because she herself was in wealth, apart

From the wealth of her parents, she has won many awards

And was on pay roll of different companies being their ambassador

She is perhaps even richer than any of her siblings. When she

Started telling him all this, you can see why I had to hide my

Identity now because I do not want someone who will love me

For my money but I want someone who will love me for whom

I am, without attaching it to my parents wealth neither any

Of my achievements and I think I cannot achieve this except I leave

The town to seek for someone who will really love me. Now you

Have known the reason why I said you cannot marry me before,

Do you still love me? Will you still marry me? This is me, I am not

Poor, can you marry a wealthy lady? Apart from my father’s wealth

You can see I am wealthy myself? What do you now say to my

Questions? she asks. And he stands walks to her, holds her hands in

His and said, I never knew this was what you were hiding from me,

But something tells me that you are my wife that I should not

Be afraid to take you up and marry you, that was why I insisted I

Will marry you then, and now, I am saying that what I said then

I am saying now, I will marry you and would not disappoint you,

I will not injure your heart, for I know what you have left to search me

Out where I was, for without you leave this place, I do not think there

Is a possibility of me coming near you in life. Even if I know you

I will never be able to propose to you because of your wealth, inferiority

Complex would keep me away from you forever, now that you have stoop

So low to pick me up from my position, I will always be there for you

And with you and would not put you to shame he concluded. I thank you

For your response, if you say you cannot I cannot force you, what I would

Have begged you for is you have known my identity now and you

Should not blow it open so that I continue with my search for who will

Be the crown of my head. Now that you have agreed, I can now officially

Present you to my parents as my husband and we shall go to your

Village and make the necessary plans together. She said as she ushers him

To the living room where her parents and siblings were. They were elated

The development and got married few weeks after. Her parents opened

Account for him, to start his business and she also continued with her studies,

After her studies she would later focus his music and becomes famous globally

She was the wealthiest of all her parents children. The man loves her

And they were blessed with four children. The love she searches for, she

Really gets, for she has no regret for marrying him in life….



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