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My Drought Eviction by Shonah Milne Melton

Updated on April 25, 2016

Free poetry by Shonah Milne Melton..... inspirational.... uplifting.... likened to a tree... renew hope..... conviction

Be like a tree in times of drought....

Cast my roots deeper, seeking water out.

Stand strong, stand tall and reach for the sky,

Never give up amidst tempest’s outcry.

At times, challenges will permeate my universe,

It’s how I respond, bringing blessing or curse.

Will I wallow in pain, pity and fear?

Warding off light that could bring relief and cheer?

“No, no.” I cry, “Don’t give up, - don’t you dare,”

“Don’t you sink to the depths of dark drought despair!”

With resolve I send my roots creeping and crawling,

No longer sad, nor eyes a weeping and bawling.

For I’ll stand strong and tall amidst my affliction,

Resonant in my belief, I’ll prevent drought eviction!

Written by

Shonah Milne Melton


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    • Shonah Milne Melt profile image

      Shonah Milne Melton 21 months ago from George, Western Cape, South Africa

      Thanks Gregory Vic. Me too. It's definitely my hobby, relax, revive time. I love reading other people's poems so if you're up to sharing.... ?

    • Gregory Vic profile image

      Greg de la Cruz 21 months ago

      It's a nice simple poem, I used to make ones like this for fun.